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IRCClient Cocoa Framework 1.0 Released

The IRCClient 1.0 objective-c/Cocoa framework has been released.

IRCClient.framework is a Cocoa/Objective-C wrapper around the great libircclient C library by Georgy Yunaev.

Posted by Nathan Ollerenshaw 2009-01-11

libircclient-1.3 released

Added IPv6 support (thanks Lothar May)
Now provides more information about ACTION (thx chromerium)
Updated contact info and copyrights.
Removed ircmud sample as it never worked anyway.
Added mingw build.

Posted by George Yunaev 2009-01-03

libircclient 1.2 released

IRC color manpulation functions now exported too.

Posted by George Yunaev 2006-08-30

libircclient 1.1 released

A small DCC-related fix. Thanks flohimself for bug reporting.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-03-09

libircclient becomes stable

and 1.0 has been released.

Posted by George Yunaev 2004-11-12

libircclient-0.8 released

Just a small DCC bugfix.

Posted by George Yunaev 2004-10-31

libircclient-0.7 released

Several serious bugs were fixed.

Posted by George Yunaev 2004-10-17

libircclient 0.6 released

The most valued features are color support, a lot of new methods, and greatly improved documentation.

Posted by George Yunaev 2004-10-10

libircclient-0.4 released

Mostly Win32 fixes.

Posted by George Yunaev 2004-09-29

libircclient-0.3 released

Major feature added: win32 port.

Posted by George Yunaev 2004-09-14

libircclient-0.2 released

A single but nasty bug was fixed.

Posted by George Yunaev 2004-09-12