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Posted by David Frauzel 2005-08-21

After a couple months of SQL frustrations, frequent breaks for relaxation and gaming, and bugfixing / feature revision / blah blah blah... here it is,

I have cleaned up the files section to remove all prior builds of the engine, Moneo, and NWNX-Leto. This marks end-of-support for Phoenix, as Unicorn is now well ahead of it in features and stability. I didn't want the lingering confusion of the radically different builds, so I removed them. If you need an earlier version of any package sent to you (say, the Engine, to recompile SpeakEasy), e-mail me: dragon@weathersong.net.... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2005-08-14

Moneo 4.0.21 (and company)

I've spent the last week updating NWNX-Leto. On Friday, I had a system failure due to a POS ATI driver that has made most 3d gaming unbearable. Unable to work in the Toolset, and unable to get rid of the POS driver, I've resorted to re-installing the OS. My backup copy of Win2K, however, was on a drive that I discovered is failing. So, I've resorted to buying a new OS. (Yes, I got it cheap. Yes, it's a legal copy.)... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-09-27

Alia beta test begins

Alia beta 01 is up. (Alia is the new version of the Advanced Editor.) See the weathersong forums for details and tracking.

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-09-17

Build 4.0.19... finally

Uploaded today were two new releases, to the Engine package and Moneo package, for build 4.0.19. (You only need the Engine package if you intend on recompiling Moneo.) The new Unicorn syntax is finally here! Yay! (In related news: license is now fully transitioned to BSD.)

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-08-06

License change, reorganization planned

After some gentle nudging from a BioWare dev I greatly esteem, I've decided to use the BSD license for all forthcoming Leto releases. Nwn2Xml build 02 was released under BSD, and the small portion of the 4.0.19 engine is includes is also BSD.

This has no effect whatsoever on existing releases of Project Leto, many of which are still available for download on SourceForge. The old versions are GPL, and always will be. The new versions will be BSD (and only BSD). I generally support the GPL, but in this particular case, to make Leto more accessible to third parties (and specifically BioWare, should such a time ever come).... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-06-06

Nwn2Xml build 02

Build 02 is up. I'm pleased to announce full Base64 support, and a few extra little features, which make Nwn2Xml a viable means of using an external scripting language (I'd say Perl) for editing GFF / ERF. This is to say you'd pick Nwn2Xml because you prefer your own scripting language, as opposed to mine. :)

Well, or you're just tired of waiting around for me to make some progress on LetoScript. :p

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-06-06

Nwn2Xml first release

I took a few days out of my busy schedule (busy with more than just Leto, I mean) and catered to the wailing and gnashing of teeth over at the BioWare For Developers forum, to build a GFF/ERF <-> XML converter (yes, two way) on top of the Leto engine.

Okay, so maybe there wasn't that much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but for those with a little scripting and XML experience, you're bound to get a lot of mileage out of this little package, and for that matter it makes a useful alternative to LetoScript.

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-05-11

Leto build 4.0.18: new territory

A quick blurb here before I post to all the other forums where I usually announce releases. Build 18 is up, and by "build 18" I mean 4.0.18 of Moneo and Leto, and 03+18 of NWNX-Leto.

4.0.18 of Moneo includes just a few fixes / changes. Read the notes for full details. Also included is a Linux port, which is the file "Moneo" (may need chmod). This means, of course, that the source has been updated to make it fully portable (again).... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-04-12

Package reorganization

The "development" and "builds" packages were becoming more and more homogenous (in terms of purpose and content) while at the same time growing more and more obtuse (containing portions of Moneo, Leto, and LetoScript, which are technically all different projects). So, I've reorganized.

There is now only a single Moneo package, and a single Leto package (if you can't see it yet, it's because there haven't been any releases for it, yet!). The Moneo package will for the time being also include the LetoScript package, since currently the only way to compile and run LetoScript is using Moneo. (That may change at some future date, if I ever actually decided to produce an IDE for LetoScript, but I don't foresee that happening any time real soon.)... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-03-31

Build 4.0.17... calm before the storm

The news is belayed, but before the weekend build 17, and the updated NWNX-Leto to go along with it, were uploaded. The major features of note here are:

* FPT files can be accessed even while in use by NWN.

* NWNX-Leto now supports multithreading! With the functions SPAWN, POLL, QFORGET, and FFORGET.

A few minor additions were made as well:

* fs:delete, fs:rename, fs:exists.

* The ord and chr expressions (chr is useful for inserting double-quotes or the slash into LetoScript from NWScript).... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-03-22

Build 4.0.16... going places

The Leto dev and NWNX-Leto branches have been updated. The Leto engine now supports FPT files and a bevy of useful additions. The FPT support is really going places - check the weathersong forums for active discussion of how this is changing the very face of NWN.

NWNX-Leto was updated with a LetoScript.dll built from the 4.0.16 engine, and it also got added support for logging, Lists, and same-state scripting; open a file with one SCRIPT call, and it's still open in the next.

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-03-12

Build 4.0.12... live

Although build 4.0.12 represents another incremental step closer to a stable release (which has been pushed back yet again), it does represent numerous bug fixes accomplished while documentation was being written.

Oh, yes, documentation. We have it! And it's live:


This documentation is *live*, I am still writing it, and I usually upload to that location once or twice a day. (This is one reason the docs were not included with this download.)... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-02-25

Build 4.0.11... closer

Build 11 shows off a lot of new additions to LetoScript. Build 10 got the compiler rebuilt, opening up the door for a lot of possibilities. Using those possibilities, I've added ten new expressions, added new operations to file, res, and for; and the gff expression is now a central location for any opeartion you want to perform on GFF data: get, set, add, delete, rename, find, or replace. Check out the Release Notes for a stunning amount of work completed in just over one week. :}... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-02-04

Build 4.0.10... progress

After the horror that was 4.0.9, I have much better hopes for this build. Despite the fact that much of Class_LetoScript has been rebuilt (always sure invitation for new bugs), the syntax has been "formalized" now in a way that takes care of several awkward situations 4.0.9 presented. The fact that the compiler (state machine) itself is more lexically aware should make the language sturdier.... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2004-01-27

Build 4.0.9... not

A new build, 4.0.9, was uploaded on Dec 29. It introduces several major advances in LetoScript, a revised Gff engine (no more Label bloating), a revised Lists engine (which effectively allows any 2DA or even arbitrary data tables to be exposed to Leto), and even a class for the TLK file format.

However, numerous bugs have been found in this build. Some are minor (like listquery not working, at all), some are show-stoppers. Besides needing fixes for all of these, I'm also completely rewriting the LetoScript compiler (state engine) to give the language a much more formalized "grammar".... read more

Posted by David Frauzel 2003-12-31

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