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0.9.3 Release Candidate for UBUNTU 10.04

There is a release candidate for 0.9.3 version.

It is compiled for ubuntu 10.04, 64 bits (amd64).

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2010-05-23

lemonPOS 0.9.2 released!

In this release:

- BUGFIX : Hidden first and last values for profit and sales plots on squeeze.
- BUGFIX : When using date change feature, it seems that the transaction was not completed sucessfully.
- BUGFIX : On the search panel, the RAW products where excluded but still counted on the result.
- BUGFIX : Groups dont get all its taxes from the elements, if the group tax is not set correctly on creation, it will not have a correct one.
- BUGFIX : When changing configuration, now lemon requests a new transaction and balance.
- BUGFIX : Missing settings-check for drawer openning.
- IMPROVEMENT : Fixing and improved CSS style sheet. Updated CSS, improving method on lemon to load the correct file for login window.
- UPDATE : Updating PDF documentation.... read more

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2010-03-14

LemonPOS 0.9.1 has been released!

- BUGFIX : Allow to sell more items than in the stock.
- BUGFIX : Comments on lemon_mysql.sql script where fixed.
- Improvement : Refreshed the splash screen and loginBackground images. Created new ones on other resolutions.
- Improvement : Updated Spanish Translation.
- Added Feature: Sales Taxes are shown on screen and printed on tickets.
- Script to upgrade from 0.9 database to 0.9.1 [ fix_0.9.sql ]

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2010-02-09

0.9 Released

LemonPOS 0.9 has been released.

There are new features like:

* CUPS printers support for small tickets (for thermal printers)
* Groups/Packs of products
* Special Orders (custom products)
* New printed reports on squeeze admin tool
* User Roles (multiple admins, supervisors)
* Lock Screen
* Suspend/Resume sales

The complete changelog is http://sourceforge.net/projects/lemonpos/files/real/CHANGELOG/view

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2010-01-25

Release 0.8

Version 0.8 codenamed "Persa" has been released!

The most exciting features are the "end of day report" and big receipt printing on normal printers.

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2009-05-24

lemonpos 0.7 release

Lemonpos 0.7 has been released. There are new features and fixes.

These are the new features included in the release:
- Added feature: one more filter to product grid filters: most sold products [by Biel Frontera]
- Added feature: Reprint Ticket [Adapted from Biel Frontera code ]
- Added feature: Change sale date (to register old sales that were not registered before) [Adapted from Biel Frontera code ].
- Added feature: Cash-Out. To take out money for payments at the POS.
- Added Feature: Now lemon does not quit if not connected to mysql, a config dialog for database is shown.
- Added Feature: A low level cash in drawer alarm. A config option for showing the alert and minimum value.
- Added Icons: cash-out, re-print ticket, balance.... read more

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2009-03-10

Lemon POS Release 0.6

New version available.

Now the administration tool has a quickview with dots and bar graphs and pie chart for :
Most sold products
Near sold-out products

Also some bugs fixed, and more new features.

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2009-01-30

New Release: beta3

This third preview/beta release introduces new features like:
-New editors for products,clients,measures,categories.
-Now can have named clients with personal points and discounts.

Try it now!

Posted by Miguel Chávez Gamboa 2007-12-22