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Layman-2.0.0 has finally been released.

After many delays and being too busy with life. I have finally gotten 2.0.0 out.
For those of you that have been running the release candidates, 2.0.0 is identical to rc5 with only the version number, README and CHANGES files having been updated.

I look forward to having 2.0.0 stabilized soon.

Next on the horizon for layman is gpg signed repositories list support and python 3 compatibility.

Posted by Brian Dolbec 2012-12-16

layman-2.0.0_rc3 released

I am very pleased that development and debugging of the layman-2.0 API has gone very well. There have been very few bugs reported, all of which have been fixed as well as a few that weren't reported. This should be the last of the rc releases, provided that nothing of any significance is reported.

I did forget to generate the new man/html page for this release, so it is lacking some of the recent changes.

Posted by Brian Dolbec 2011-09-18

layman-1.2.3 released

layman-1.2.3 is a bug fix release that fixes a few minor bugs.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-01-01

layman-1.2.2 released

layman-1.2.2 is a bug fix release that fixes a few minor bugs.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-12-28

layman-1.2.1 released

layman-1.2.1 is a bug fix release that fixes a few minor bugs.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-15

layman-1.2.0 released

layman-1.2.0 fixes a few minor bugs and changes the
default storage location from
/usr/portage/local/layman to

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-02

layman-1.1.1 released

The unicode support in version 1.1 introduced a problem with the "--sync-all" option. Version 1.1.1 fixes this.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-12

layman-1.1 released

layman found a new home on SourceForge and I released version
1.1. This is mainly a bug fix release.

The new version adds unicode support, provides the --info action to
receive details on a specific overlay and also adds a --nocolor option
to remove color codes from the output. In addition the default for
listing the overlays has been changed and layman will now show all
overlays without using the -k option.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-11

layman finds a new home on sourceforge

In order to make it easier to access and manage the code layman has been transferred to SourceForge. This also adds a layman specific web site.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-11

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