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Krename 1.9 released

Krename 1.9 has been released. It is a complete port of Krename 1.8 to KDE 3 with some bug fixes and a better Konqueror integration. Download now and submit all your bug reports before the stable release 2.0.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-03-21

Krename 1.8 released

Krename 1.8 stable has been released. KDE's leading batch renamer has a lot of new features and contains many bug fixes. Download it at

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-02-28

Krename Plugin Developers Guide released

The Krename Plugin Developers Guide, a documentation for people who would like to write their own Krename plugins, has been released. Take a look on the documentation section of the Sourceforge project page of Krename.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-02-12

Krename 1.8 Pre2 released

Version 1.8-pre2 of KDE's leading batch renamre Krename has been released. See project homepage for details.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-02-11

Krename 1.8 Development Release

fix some bugs<br>
visit the project webpage for more details

Posted by Stefan Onken 2002-01-19

Krename 1.7 released

The latest of Version of krename (1.7) has just been released. This tool is the leading batch renamer for KDE, it allows you to rename huge amount of files with only a few steps.
The latest version add recursive add of directories, use unicode file names and lot of other things. Please grab your latest copy from the download module.
With this release we also officially announce the new Krename Homepage .

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2001-12-30