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  • Committed [r249]

    Patch by zmi zmi <> - Save and ...

  • Committed [r1652]

    FIXED: API doc version should be 0.9.4 as well

  • Committed [r1651]

    Trunk is now ready for PoDoFo 0.9.4 development

  • Committed [r1650]

    CREATED: PoDoFo 0.9.3 release tag

  • Committed [r1649]

    FIXED: VS2008 compatibility fixes by Ulrich Arnold

  • Committed [r248]

    Updated Czach translation by Pavel Fric

  • Committed [r1596]

    FIXED: Typo: horizonal should be horizonTal

  • Committed [r1580]

    ADDED: Patch by Libor Konečný to support digit...

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