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KRename 3.0.14 released

KRename 3.0.14 was released today. KRename is a very powerful batchrenamer for KDE3. This stable release fixes adding directories using drag and drop and a crash with plugin previews. Plugins with additional arguments like [date;dd-mm-yyyy] where fixed.

This release is the first release of KRename that is covered by a unit test to ensure a release not introducing any regression bugs.

Otakar Trunecek added Czech transliteration characters.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2007-03-25

KRename 3.0.12 released

KRename 3.0.12 is a new maintainance release of KRename. It features updates of the German, Italian and Spanish translation. Additionally compilation with gcc 2.95 was fixed. A possible crash was discovered thanks to valgrind and fixed. KRename is now installed correctly into konquerors service menu. Finally drag and drop to KRename was broken for remote files and has been fixed for this release.

Please find binary and source packages in our downloads area at and report any problems you have with this release to our mailing list .... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-08-14

KRename 3.0.11 released

KRename, the leading batch renamer for the KDE desktop, is available for download in a new stable version.

This stable release cleans up all makefiles and desktop files, updates the build system to the build system of KDE 3.5 and updates some translations (Swedish and Italian). Additionall a bug was fixed when *,{ or } was returned by plugins.

See for more information and downloads (which are available in source and binary form).
For questions and feedback please use our mailing list or our forum at .... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-02-22

KRename 3.0.0 stable release

Krename is a very powerful batch file renamer for KDE3 which can rename a list of files based on a set of expressions. It can copy/move the files to another directory or simply rename the input files. Krename supports many conversion operations.

Changes from KRename 2.8.x to KRename 3.0.0

KIO-Slave Support:

KRename supports now the KIO-Slave technology of KDE. As a reason
it is no problem for KRename to rename files on a remote server with fish://,
to rename files on your ftp server or to rename your samba shares
using the smb:// io-slave. ... [read more](/p/krename/news/2004/06/krename-300-stable-release/)
Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-06-29

KRename 2.9.4

Please get the latest KRename release, while it's hot on the server!

This release fixes many bugs, the [length-2] token works now correctly,
annoying error messages have been removed....

But there are some news on the feature front, too. A great new "Easy Mode" for
new users. You can create filenames only by using a graphical dialog and
without having to know KRename's commands.

This release is also a Call for Translations. We will go in to release
candidate soon, so the translations should get ready.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-04-13

KRename 2.9.2

KRename 2.9.2 is out with lots of improvements. Of course this development release needs your testing.

New in this release is a Hungarian translation (others were updated). KRename got faster and many bugs were fixed. To mention one important bug: regular expressions work in find and replace mode again. Tokens can be used recursively now, e.g. [2-4{[dirname]}]. New tokens were added, among them are [length], [user] and [group].... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-02-28

KRename 2.9.0 ready for download

KRename 2.9.0, leading to the stable release 3.0, was released today. As this is the first development release, only source packages are offered to see if it compiles everywhere. Binary packages will of course be available for future releases again. Please download this release and give us your feedback.

KRename 2.9.0 supports finally KIO-Slaves. I.e. you can rename files over fish://, ftp:// or smb:// and all other protocols supported by the KIO-slave technology. ... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-01-24

KRename 2.8.5 stable released

A new stable release of KRename is available for download. As usual we provide source packages as well as many binary packages.

This release fixes a few bugs, most importantly the always growing directory selection dialog which was not resizeable. Upgrading to this release is recommended.

See for more!

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-01-05

KRename 2.8.4 stable released

A new stable release of KRename, downloaded at .

The release adds a netherlands translation, fixes an annoying segmentation fault on many systems (including Gentoo Linux. Some other minor bugs were fixed and a new feature, escaping of special characters, was added. You can now use KRename command tokens like "&" in filename, by adding "\&".

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-12-05

KRename 2.8.3 stable released

KRename 2.8.3 is ready for download. With this bug fix release we were able to fix some bugs. Using the GUI got even easier, because of small improvements. This release has also a very simple sort function which will be extended in future versions. Layout problems with certain Qt version were fixed, too.

Downloads are available as source tarball, source rpm, binary i386 deb, SuSE 8.2 rpm and RedHat 9 rpm.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-10-21

KRename 2.8.1 released

A new stable release of KRename is available at . This release fixes a few smaller bugs and greatly improves pluing support. Upgradin is recommended.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-07-23

KRename 2.8.0 released

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the next stable release of KDE's
free batch renamer KRename.

This release contains a lot of bug fixes, a greatly simplified GUI with much
better usability and KDE style guide compliancy. Renaming speed when using
plugins for renaming (e.g. MP3) was greatly improved through a new caching
function. Countless smaller enhancements were made, but are to many to list.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-07-08

KRename 2.7.3 (devel) available

A new development version of KRename, version 2.7.3, was released today. This release contains lot's of bug fixes, a new French translation and usability improvements, like runtime switching between the GUI modes. Finally there is also support for formating numbers from plugins (e.g. [##Tracknumber]). A few crashes were fixed, too.

We provide a source tarball and source rpm for this release, as well as binary rpm's for SuSE 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and RedHat 9. All packages are available at our download page .

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-06-30

KRename 2.7.2 (devel) released

We released KRename 2.7.2 today. Go to to download the latest version. This release has a greatly improved GUI, please test.

Other changes:
his version adds a Japanese translation, removes visible/invisible plugin stuff, fixes sorting of functions help, fixes a bug with the wrong file extension settings from krenamerc, adds a tabbed GUI mode, removes the advanced titlebar, redesigns the plugin GUI page, disables the remove buttons if there are no files in the list, makes the filename template lineedit much wider, includes many style guide fixes, fixes accel conflicts in the English version, and fixes the picture plugin.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-06-04

Next Stable Release of KRename

After 5 Month of development KRename 2.6.0 was finished containing lot's of improvements, bug fixes and new features. Please upgrade and have fun!

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-04-18

Krename 2.6-rc2 avaible

Please test the newest release canditat for 2.6.0 stable. It contains lot's of bug fixes. Check it out!

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-04-11

KRename 2.5.5 released

The (hopefully) last release before the next stable version 2.6.0, 2.5.5 is avaible for your testing. It is already _very_ stable and has lot's of new features compared to 2.4.2. All known bugs are fixed now.

Please download from

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-03-28

KRename 2.5.1 development released

Please test our new devel. release.
Changes include:
Added support for recursively adding hidden directories
Added new preview mode
Added command execution plugin
Thumbnails size is a configure option now
Fixed startup notification bug
Improved documentation on leading zeros

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-02-02

KRename 2.4.1 stable released

Changes are:

Header files aren't installed anymore; Updated admin dir/build system; Fixed some memory leaks; Fixed crash with KFilePlugins; Fixed memory leaks in PicturePlugin; Improved speed in PicturePlugin; Support of more image formats in PicturePlugin and preview;

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-10-30

KRename 2.4 stable released

Today we released krename 2.4.0 , the latest stable release of krename. This feature brings tons of new feature, lot's of bugfixes and make your favourite renamer for KDE even better.

Please read the changelog, vote in the survey and grab your copy now !

Changelog 2.4.0:
GCC 3.2 compatible
added menubar
support of KFilePlugins
GUI Improvements
added contect menu to
fixed renaming of files without extension
added undo feature
fixed replacement of spec. characters
lots (!) of bugfixes

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-10-16

Krename 2.3.0

The first development release of the Krename 2.3.x series is now avaible.
It includes a new undo feature, a function wizard for easier access to all Krename funtions and a new [track] keyword in the mp3 plugin (if compile with id3v2 support).

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-06-03

Krename 2.2 stable released

The stable version 2.2 of Krename, the leading batch renamer for KDE3, has been released today. Packages are avaible for SuSE Linux, RedHat Linux, Gentoo Linux, a Source RPM and the usual Source tarball.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-05-01

Krename 2.1

A new development release of Krename is avaible. Please download and submit your bug reports.
Packages are avaible for SuSE 8.0, RedHat 7.x and Gentoo.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-04-26

Krename 2.0.1 released

Krename 2.0.1 fixes a bug in Krename 2.0. Krename 2.0 was not able to open files from the commandline option if the filename contained spaces.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-03-27

Krename 2.0 released

The first stable version of Krename for KDE3 has been released.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2002-03-26

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