fnccheck2.0 compatibility

  • Benjamin Collar

    Benjamin Collar - 2001-09-20


    I just installed the debian kprof unstable package (1.3-7). I've also manually installed fnccheck2.0 and am trying to get kprof to read the output. Using the command
    fncdump +calls -sfile fnccheck.out  app > results.txt
    then running kprof on the results.txt produces...nothing.

    Does kprof support fnccheck2.0 and I'm just doing something wrong? If not, is there a plan to support 2.0?


    • Benjamin Collar

      Benjamin Collar - 2001-09-20

      also, the documentation for kprof says to run fncdump with -no-decoration flag. Neither version 1.4 nor 2.0 accept this flag (at least not on my build!)

    • Johan Johansson

      Johan Johansson - 2001-11-27

      Perhaps not very helpful - but - I'm stunned that you actually got fnccheck2.0 to compile.

    • Richard Boulton

      Richard Boulton - 2001-11-27

      I just tried this myself, before finding this thread.

      I couldn't compile the fnccheck2.0 pre-release tarball, but the latest code in the fnccheck cvs module compiled with a tiny bit of tweaking (adding some consts to some function prototypes to make them match those defined elsewhere).

      I couldn't compile fnccheck 1.4 either, for that matter, though that didn't look to be due to an impassable problem.

      I can't get kprof to work with fnccheck2.0 though.  What version of fnccheck _will_ kprof work with, anyone?

    • Florent Pillet

      Florent Pillet - 2001-12-22

      Ok guys, time for some explanation:
      - KProf works quite well with fnccheck 1.4. The --no-decoration (or was it --no-decorations ?) flag is used to have fnccheck generate a text output without any textual decorations. They have removed this feature in fnccheck 2.0, against my request. I have made a modified version of fncdump for fnccheck 2.0, I can send it to anyone who asks and if someone wants to take over the task of putting the changes back in fnccheck 2.0, I would be grateful (I'm *really* lacking free time actually).

      • Richard Boulton

        Richard Boulton - 2001-12-22

        Thanks for the explanation.  I'd be very interested in a copy of the modified fncdump (email to richardb@users.sourceforge.net would be fine).

        I'm very lacking in free time too, but on the other hand this would be incredibly useful for me, so I'm willing to take over the task of getting the changes back into fnccheck 2.0.

    • Richard Boulton

      Richard Boulton - 2001-12-22

      (I should add that I'll be away for the next week (or slightly less), so probably won't respond to any comments after today for a while.)

    • Aaron Weiss

      Aaron Weiss - 2002-02-11

      I'd really appreciate a copy of that altered fncdump for 2.0/Kprof compatibility as well.



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