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KProf / News: Recent posts


Minor bug fix release. Now buids cleanly with gcc3.3+. Also includes bab's fix for 984498 (dot could not display data) and Michael Bsch's fix for gcc3.3. No new functionality.

Posted by Colin Desmond 2004-10-28


New version of 1.4, better handling of temp files and colour coded graph view

Posted by Colin Desmond 2002-11-16

2 new mailing lists

We have added 2 new mailing lists to the KProf project:

kprof-users - for discussion amongst the user community of KProf

kprof-develop - for KProf related discussion between the development team.

Posted by Colin Desmond 2002-09-20

KProf-1.4.1 released

The 1.4.1 release of KProf makes final the 1.4 beta release and also allows the user to specify the executable and profiler to use as command line arguments

kprof -f <file> -p <gprof, fnccheck, pose>

Both values are required to work.

Posted by Colin Desmond 2002-09-16

Kprof-1.4b released

The new Kprof 1.4 beta has been released.

It contains an embedded call-tree viewer which allows the image map to be clicked and information about the method to come up in another pane.

It requires GraphViz to work ( so please install that first.

Please let us know if it doesn't work.


Posted by Colin Desmond 2002-08-01

Wishlist available

A new WishList of Kprof features has been added at

Please feel free to suggest additional functionality for future KProf versions.


Posted by Colin Desmond 2002-07-15

KProf 1.3.2 released

Fixed some build issues.
Moved the automatic generation of QTreeMap view's to a menu option if the library is installed.
First stab at implementing the displaying of call graphs from within KProf, rather than just saving to file.

Posted by Colin Desmond 2002-07-02

KProf 1.3.1

Kprof 1.3.1 is a KDE 3,0 port of the KProf 1.3 source, with no functionality changes. All KDE 3 users should use this version.

Posted by Colin Desmond 2002-06-22

KProf 1.3 released

Version 1.3 is now available. New features: printing support, diff mode, plus the usual slew of bug-fixes and some minor changes (read the release notes and ChangeLog).

Posted by Florent Pillet 2001-06-29

Diff mode and Printing in CVS.

I have implemented printing support (using KHTML) and DIFF mode which compares two profile results. The new features are available in the CVS, while I'm preparing for release 1.3.

Posted by Florent Pillet 2001-06-14

KProf 1.2 Released

KProf version 1.2 has been released, with support for Function Check (an excellent profiler) and the Palm OS Emulator. See release notes for details.

Posted by Florent Pillet 2001-04-16

PalmOS Emulator Profiler support added!

Support for profiling results generated by POSE, the Palm OS Emulator, has been added in CVS. You can now use KProf to profile software you write for the Palm OS platform!

Posted by Florent Pillet 2001-03-11

New profiler support in CVS

I added support for Function Check, a new profiler for Linux. Checkout the CVS to get FNCCHECK profile results support!

Posted by Florent Pillet 2001-02-23

Version 1.1 released

KProf version 1.1 has just been release. Meanwhile, I'm already working on 1.2. Import results from the "Function Check" profiler is nearly read, PalmOS Profiling is next on the list.

Posted by Florent Pillet 2001-02-15

Call-graph export implemented!

I implemented export of the call-graph tree to GraphViz and VCG formats. Whole call-graph tree or just subcalls of the selected function/class can be exported. Checkout the source from the CVS tree to try this feature.

Posted by Florent Pillet 2001-02-13