#39 Toggle additional command-line arguments


I very much appreciate the ability in Kplayer to enter additional command-line arguments for mplayer. But in order to add/remove arguments for playback, you have to type them in anew, or delete them from the field in the "Advanced" tab in the settings. For example, every time I want kplayer to stream audio to my router, i have to get into the settings tabl and type "-ao esd:".

It would be great if you could switch command-line arguments on and off, like by providing a couple of more fields for additional arguments in the advanced settings tab, each with a checkbox or a button of sorts. or make it even more convenient and integrate that in the menu, too.

would that be hard to implement?


  • kiriuja

    kiriuja - 2007-03-29

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    How about adding a short (like 10 lines) history for the field. It will be a drop down list under the field that will list the last 10 different values the field has had. And by the way many text fields in settings and properties would benefit from such a thing. I've put it on my TODO, but can't make any promises on when I'll actually do it. This could be a good project for anyone who wants to start contributing to KPlayer.

  • lodp

    lodp - 2007-04-03

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    a history for the field would certainly improve things. but i think it would be better still to have actual buttons to toggle command line arguments. so that you enter an argument in the settings, and turn it on/off with a custom button in a toolbar, or in the menu somewhere. i've only got the example with routing audio to remote hosts (like routers in different roons in your home), but i'm sure you can think of other functions where this could be put to good use. And it would make Kplayer real versatile.


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