#19 acting slow at first time from restart of os x

s c

- it seems that it's quite slow first time open keka from a fresh restart of os x.
- mainwhile click on the "x" close button on the main window, it's acting quite slow to close itself (have unchecked "close keka window when no window visible")
- can we have another option that don't show the main window at startup please.



  • aONe

    aONe - 2010-09-24


    I can't reproduce the two first points. Wich version of keka and Mac OSX you use? Try with the latest alpha version anyway:


    Also you can see in the Console (Applications/Utilities/Console) if Keka is telling something, and paste here.

    I'll do the las point, will tell you when it's done ;)

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • s c

    s c - 2010-10-04

    It's keka on os x 10.5.8 It's not a big problem, so i'll stay with this version as it's stable release.

    Don't see anything particular in Console.


  • s c

    s c - 2010-10-30

    Just noticed today, keka's showing as (64-bit) task on Activity Monitor on OS X 10.5. I guess you built it originally for 10.6. So is that possibly the reason why it starting/closing a kind of slow on 10.5?


  • aONe

    aONe - 2010-11-01

    Will make a partition to test in Leopard and tell you some more feedback. But I remember using some 64b apps in Leopard without troubles, and Keka is 32/64, if your system does not support 64 will use 32 instead.

    But I see it's necessary to make some test in Leopard OS.

    If it helps, in Snow Leopard there's an option to open a 32/64b in 32 bits. Don't remember if this option exists in Leopard. Just right clicl (ctrl + click) in Keka.app, click in "Show Information" and down the color tags may be the option to open in 32 bits.

  • aONe

    aONe - 2010-11-11

    Thanks for the link, it's quite interesting.

    You've tried the version in 64bits? It's slow too?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    yes, i think it's still kind of slow, maybe slightly better. i'd prefer 32bit. thanks for asking!

  • aONe

    aONe - 2012-04-12

    Any update with 1.0 branch?


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