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Keka 1.0.5 rc 1 released!

More bug fixes and additions, see the bundled changelog for more info.

Posted by aONe 2016-10-18

Keka 1.0.4 beta 3 released!

Keka 1.0.4 beta 3 out with more fixes and Japanese thanks to Lotusbrod!

Posted by aONe 2013-03-08

Keka 1.0.4 beta 2 released!

With more bug fixes and a German translation!

Posted by aONe 2013-02-24

Keka 1.0.4 beta released!

Keka 1.0.4 beta is now available.
Get it in SorceForge now and don't forget to make a ticket of any bug!

Posted by aONe 2013-02-22

Keka 1.0.3 released!

With new icons, new localizations and bug fixes :)

Posted by aONe 2012-06-18

Keka 1.0.2 released!

With big fixes and minor enhancements :)

Posted by aONe 2012-04-10

Keka 1.0.1 released

Keka 1.0.1 released! Lots of fixes and the Leopard version is ready!

Posted by aONe 2012-03-13

Keka 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 is up and running! Get it and enjoy it today! Leopard/PPC version coming a few days later

Posted by aONe 2012-02-26

Keka released

Keka is here, with Russian translation thanks to Dmitry Bespalov and a patch in Sparkle for a better update process with the upcoming new version :)

Posted by aONe 2011-12-22

Keka on the App Store

Today Keka will be available on the App Store for a few bucks! Beta 0.1.5 stills in development thought. More news on that soon.

For the first reader (hope it's you) here you have a promo code: 3WYLXPT3MALK

Posted by aONe 2011-10-27

Keka 0.1.5 beta 1 released

Probably full of bugs, just in english, but with lots of improvements. Just take it and don't forget to share your comments in the tracker!

Posted by aONe 2011-02-24

Keka released

Fixed a critical bug that prevent quitting from Keka

Posted by aONe 2010-11-17

Keka released

Fix some localizations: Portuguese, Catalan, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Posted by aONe 2010-11-09

Keka 0.1.4 is ready

Just download it. If you try to autoupdate, change to first!

Posted by aONe 2010-11-05

New alpha version of Keka 0.1.4a

Now translated to Italian, thanks to VinBoiSoft!

Posted by aONe 2010-09-10

Seccond alpha version of Keka 0.1.4

In this new release:
- Shutdown of the program is controlled by Growl Alert so you can click in.
- Names of compressed/extracted files and folders are shown correctly now in most of cases.

Don't forget to give feedback!

Posted by aONe 2010-08-15

New alfa version of Keka 0.1.4

Lot of things still to do, and lot of bugs to solve. Need feedback! Read the changelog inside the download to see the changes.

Posted by aONe 2010-08-13

French translation

I've uploaded two French translations of keka. Feel free two comment in the Open Discusion.

The link to test it:

Posted by aONe 2010-05-30

Simplified chinese

I've uploaded two translations of keka in Simplified Chinese. Feel free to test it and post all your comments in the Open Discusion!

The link:

Posted by aONe 2010-05-30

Menu item

I've added an automator file to show an option in context menu item within Finder to compress files with keka. Try it!

Posted by aONe 2010-04-30

keka released!

In this release keka introduces to gnutar binary that solves some issues with tar, tgz and tbz files. Also, two new localizations: Traditional Chinese and French!

Don't forget to update!

Posted by aONe 2010-01-24

keka 0.1.3 released

keka 0.1.3 comes with lot of bugs solved, and new interesting options! Do not forget to uptade!

Posted by aONe 2010-01-07

keka now supports Tiger

With the help of ChangBeom Park a quick build of keka to Tiger is done.

Posted by aONe 2010-01-02

keka released

A patch version, solving an important issue with 7z binaries. Update fully recommended.

Posted by aONe 2009-12-23

keka 0.1.2 released

New version of keka, the 7zip compressor for Mac OS X is out!

Posted by aONe 2009-12-16