#279 activating and unlocking procedure


a great feature of the program is that it locks the
database after a timeout period (only blocked when an
enty is open for editing :-).

together with the minimize feature i get somtimes
confused when i re-access the program because i have to
perform different steps, depending on the UI state.

i would suggest the following behaveour:

- insted of the unlock-dialog use the data-area for
entering the password. like this, you don't have to
press first Ctrl-L to unlock the workspace while still
having access to the menues and commands (e.g. for
switching the database or generating a password).

- the group area could then actually list the recently
opened db's to be opened.

- a left-click on the tray icon while the UI is
*unfocused* should first focus it (instead of
minimizing). only focused UI should be minimized by the
tray-icon-click. (normally you just want to access the
UI regardless whether its overlayed by an application,
minimized to the taskbar or mnimized to the tray.)

- UI can optionally (according to a setting) be
auto-minimized-to-tray upon (auto?)lock.

great piece of software though!



  • JLJ4774

    JLJ4774 - 2004-12-24

    Logged In: YES

    I agree

  • Brian Bloom

    Brian Bloom - 2005-03-11

    Logged In: YES

    A similar request for functionality based on the above ideas:

    I've noted that in 0.98b, when I restore the app from the
    task bar, it now at least opens the password/key prompt and
    focuses in the password field. Thank you for whoever did that.

    But when it locks itself due to inactivity while it's still
    open normally you're forced to do the Ctrl-L or navigate the
    menu. I'd like to see if you could add the ability for a
    double-click anywhere in the [greyed out] main window pane
    to open the password/key dialog.


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