#1714 Auto-lock KeePass after filling password

Danny Lin

We use KeePass to auto-fill the information frequently. Although we can set a timeout for auto-lock, but it is sometimes inconvenient. It the interval is too shourt, it often breaks our work on KeePass; if the interval is too long, it is unsafe.

It would be great if there's an option that allows KeePass to be auto-locked after autofill (Ctrl+Alt+A, Ctrl+V, or so) is complete.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-03-17

    That's fine until the password doesn't take, then you need to unlock again. A longer interval is much easier and if the user locks Windows before walking away all will be well.

    There are a couple of plug-ins you could try.

    cheers, Paul

  • dtbrewer

    dtbrewer - 2013-03-31

    This used to be a feature that was removed between 1.24 and 1.25 On the Memory tab of the Options dialog you could choose the Clipboard Behavior. Choices were Timed Copy or Enhanced.

    Why did this go away? (Screenshot is from 1.24)

    Last edit: dtbrewer 2013-03-31

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