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Joe H.
  • Joe H.

    Joe H. - 2014-05-01

    I simply don't understand from the instructions, how to add a window/sequence association that will help Keepass identify a website for the global entry key. On my main list I like to have an entry:
    Vonage Joe
    Vonage Lynn
    so that I know which entry is for which account, but then the global entry will not work, so I asssume I can enter it in the Auto-entry tab.
    How do I do this? I know the identifier could be the URL or even "vonage" but I am not sure how or where to enter this on Keepass 2.
    So for example on on website that has three entries, I changed the "override default sequence" to
    now if I understand correctly this is the place I would enter the information that will serve as a window/sequence association, but how do I do this? thank you.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-05-01

    KeePass compares the Entry Title to the Window Title (browser tab title) when using the default auto-type settings. If the Entry Title is contained within the Window Title it auto-types the default sequence (auto-type does not match URLs). In your case it is unlikely that the phrase "Vonage Joe" or "Vonage Lynn" is contained in the Vonage webpage browser title so there is no match with either entry.

    If you would like to used a descriptive Entry Title that does not match the Window Title you need to create a Custom Auto-Type.

    Create Custom Auto-Type:

    1. Open the webpage you wish to auto-type into, then leave the page open and switch to KeePass.
    2. Select the KeePass entry, edit it, navigate to the Auto-Type tab, and press the Add button.
    3. Select the 'Target window' corresponding to the webpage you opened above from the Target window drop down. Trim it if desired, but make sure to use wild cards so that it will still match the Window Title.
    4. Use the default sequence or edit it as needed (see Custom Strings below).
    5. Close the entry.

    Instead of entering data directly into a keystroke sequence you can create custom string fields that can be used in custom sequences.

    Create and use a Custom String

    1. Open the Entry's Advanced tab
    2. Press the Add button.
    3. Enter a name and value for the custom string (e.g. Name: ID Number Value: 029513975)
    4. Use the custom string in the auto-type sequence e.g.
  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-05-01

    The Vonage page title is "Vonage". To match this page in a KeePass entry titled "Vonage Lynn you would need to add the text "Vonage*" to the "target window" field. Doing this for both entries will allow you to choose which ID you want to use when you press the Global Auto-Type hot keys.

    cheers, Paul


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