#176 Juice and Windows 7


Having installed v 2.2.2 -a1 of Juice in Windows 7, most RSS feeds (eg from the BBC and rtve Spain) are working fine, However, the feed from :-
will not pick up. Even if typed in, the RSS feed :-
appears in the subscription listing as:-
Feed ID 16 at http://newsinslowspanish.libsyn.com//rss.xml
It then gives the messsage 'No episodes found'
Can anyone advise how to overcome this? - or suggest another freeware podcatcher (other than the bloated i Tunes)

Is anyone still updating Juice?



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm surprised you got it running at all. I got a new desktop with Windows 7 and Juice would not download and install at all. I ended up using Ziepod but I would be happy to go back to Juice if it were made compatible with the new OS.

  •  Squiggle

    Squiggle - 2010-02-03

    Have got this one sorted now.Not sure quite how, but I have now managed to get the programme to download using Juice (I didn't want to use iTunes as it is a very bloated piece of software).
    I am detailing in case it helps someone else:-

    The original rss feed link that I right clicked in FireFox and then 'copy link location' and pasted into Juice showed as http://newsinslowspanish.libsyn.com//rss.xml (note double //).
    This then listed as Feed ID 16 at http://newsinslowspanish.libsyn.com//rss.xml and gave the message "no episodes available"

    I then noticed that all the BBC podcasts ended /rss.xml - tried that with News in Slow Spanish - didn't work.
    Also noted that 'Notes in Spanish' p'cast ended /rss - tried that with News in Slow Spanish - didn't work.
    eventaully tried ending /rss. (note the full stop after rss) = works!
    Don't ask me why!

    Ref the other comment:- my Windows 7 is the 32 bit version. Don't know whether Juice behaves differently with 64 bit version

  • PaulC

    PaulC - 2014-04-11

    Has anyone been able to get Juice to work in Windows 7? I've used it for years on XP but when I install it on Windows 7, while it appears at first to work, when I ask for a scan it seems to find files to download it cannot download any of them. It creates a root directory, to put the downloads but it can't seem to create the sub-directories to put the downloads in.


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