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Juice 2.2.2 test release to fix FeedBurner problems

If you've run into trouble with FeedBurner-powered podcast feeds, please try the Juice 2.2.2 test release I've rolled up for Windows:


In other news, I'd much appreciate some assistance from any Mac-using, podcast-loving Python programmers out there with spare time to help on Mac testing and release.


Posted by Garth T Kidd 2006-07-20

iPodder Debuts New Name

iPodder has changed its name to Juice. "It's time to move beyond the pod," said Martijn Venrooy, a Juice team member. "Most people don't realize that we've shipped support for Windows Media Player for over a year now and we've almost finished WinAmp support."

"The Lemon is part of our mythology because of our fresh approach to getting media," said Mark Alexander Posth, the team's content strategist. "After squeezing iPodder out, what remains is pure Juice."... read more

Posted by Venrooy 2005-11-15