#48 No Groups?


The Windows and Android versions of this package both implement groups and even sub groups. This version allows you to create subgroups by using a dot notation as in "topgroup.subgroup". However if it is opening a safe created in either of the two other versions, it doesn't show the groupings created in those packages.



  • Michael Porter

    Michael Porter - 2011-08-01

    safe created with java version

  • Michael Porter

    Michael Porter - 2011-08-01

    Same file after editing in the windows version

  • Michael Porter

    Michael Porter - 2011-08-01

    Here's a bit more info: I created a safe in the java version (password = test) the has two groups. The first contains one item and a subgroup containing two items. The other top level group only contains a single item. I then copied that file to a machine with the windows version and added a subgroup to the second top level group and added two items to it. I then opened the modified (and renamed) file with the java version. The second top-level group shows the additions that I made on the other platform, but the first top level group now contains a spurious entry.

    Hope this helps, Mike...

  • Michael Porter

    Michael Porter - 2011-08-03

    Ok, still more information. It looks like something is getting "buffered" (for the lack of a better term) somewhere. If I change a password file and then copy the changed file to the machine running the java version of the app, the changes don't appear until I force it to reload the file by reading it from a different directory. Also whatever form this buffering takes, it is persistent. In other words it survives stopping and restarting the app as well as restarts of the computer(!). Depending upon how data is being stored in this buffer, this now has the potential of a major security leak so I have changed the priority.
    The java version of the app is running under Windows 7.

  • David

    David - 2011-08-10

    Hi Mike,

    I'll look into this.



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