#5 Reviewed preliminary autoconf patch


This is a new patch against 2.9.6 regarding
automake/autoconf conversion.

It has been successfully compiled and tested (this time
double checked to make sure I didn't forget some
crucial files) in the following platforms:

Intel x86:
- Linux:
- Debian 2.2;
- Redhat 7.0;
- Slackware Linux pre-7.2 (in sync with
slackware-current tree);


- Redhat Linux 7.0;

PowerPC 604ev5 (MachV):
- Debian Linux 2.2;

Sparc - Ultra 60:
- Debian Linux 2.2;

Sparc - R220:
- Solaris 8.

It failed to compile in Compaq Tru64 5.1 (Alpha
architeture), but the problem seens of easy solving
(i'm not going to fix that right now, though).

for building in my system i did:

tar zxvf joe-2.9.6.tgz
cd joe-2.9.6
zcat ../joe-2.9.6-auto2.diff.gz | patch --verbose -p1
./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install

know problems:
- left untouched subdir conf/ (I moved the files under
it to the project's root, postfixed with '.in', so the
directory becomes useless anyway). Since nobody asked
for creating subdirectories or respecting the already
existent ones, I ignored the approach, though I
personally like the sources being in a subdir called
src or something;

- possibly makes compiling in some architetures a hard
- possibly makes joe compiling in architetures where it
shouldn't, like those forbidden by law (just kidding);

I hope I didn't entered bugs in context of the code
itself, but somewhere else I did, at least in Murphy's

I'm accepting feedback, though I'm not going to hard
change it until other patches and pending issues are
out of the way.

Good luck!


  • Vitezslav Samel

    Vitezslav Samel - 2001-10-24
    • status: open --> closed

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