#108 Allow mouse clicks beyond column 208


Due to a limitation of the mouse protocol, columns beyond 223 (and, in case of joe, columns beyond 208 for whatever reason) can't be clicked.

Luckily, there's an extension to overcome this limitation, initially implemented by rxvt-unicode, later added by iterm2, vte (gnome-terminal) and xterm; hopefully more to come.

For technical details, see http://www.midnight-commander.org/ticket/2662

The attached patch causes joe's mouse to work on arbitrary coordinates, even beyond 208, if the underlying terminal supports this. If the terminal does not support this extension, the patch causes no harm, mouse handling still works for coordinates up to 208.


  • Egmont Koblinger

    It seems that the "1015" mode extension, used by my patch, will probably be superseeded by the "1006" mode. I attach an updated patch which uses this newer extension. With the newer extension, the patch became much simpler and straightforward.

    As soon as gnome-terminal and konsole add support for this extension, it will become as widespread as the other one. Progress can be tracked here, as well as you get more additional details about this new extension and why it's better than the old one:

    I hope that those two terminals will add support, and then joe could also forget about the first (complicated) patch and apply the newer one.

  • Egmont Koblinger

    The newer 1006 mode is now quite widely adopted so I removed the patch for the older 1015 extension. Please use the new one, enjoy! :)

  • John J. Jordan

    John J. Jordan - 2014-11-07
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: John J. Jordan
    • Group: --> v3.8

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