#288 No way to close multiple files and quit


This is a wish-list item, but hopefully a fairly easy one to implement and I think quite an obvious thing to want to do! (I've been using 3.4 and 3.7)

I often open large numbers of files simultaneously (using things like "joe `rgrep -l 'something' .`") and sometimes I want to quit joe after editing the one or two files that turn out to be actually relevant, but I have to ctrl-C all the files separately (which can take a while if I've opened a few hundred files!) I'd like a keyboard shortcut equivalent to ctrl-c on every file, ideally still confirming quit-without-save, so I can close all saved / unedited files in one keypress and then worry about any edited / unsaved files without the noise of many other files open.

If there's an option to do this, then consider this a bug report against the documentation, instead ;-)

Thanks in advance to anyone who implements this or points me to the right part of the docs!

Cheers & God bless
Sam "SammyTheSnake" Penny (long term power-user of joe!)


  • Joe Allen

    Joe Allen - 2016-03-06
    • status: open --> closed
    • Applies To: --> v4.1
    • Group: --> v4.2
  • Joe Allen

    Joe Allen - 2016-03-06

    This is now fixed in joe-4.2: use ^K Q.


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