#185 Wishlist: As an option, wrap long lines...


...and make movement commands work with these logical lines. That's all. I want to edit Wikipedia with joe.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I agree :-) I would LOVE to see 'soft word wrapping' in Joe. I find hard line breaks messy... yet, Joe is my favorite text mode tool.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Definitely agreed. It's also called "Dynamic line wrap" or "Dynamic word wrap" in other editors -- i.e., it's just a visual thing, it doesn't actually change the file's contents.

    VERY useful and needed! :)

  • Tesf

    Tesf - 2010-04-16

    This capability, known also as "dynamic word wrap", is found in other text procesors like Kate (*), and is very, very useful as sometimes:
    - you have short lines and also very long lines.
    - you shouldn't "break" long lines with "carriage returns".
    and with Joe to edit the lines you have to go to the right, and back to the left, and to the right, and... well, you understand me.

    With that "dynamic word wrap": you see in the same place all the content of short and very long lines, as you can see in the screenshot (*), so scrolling to right and to left and right and left and once and again... is not needed! It saves your time!

    (*) See in the screenshot of http://www.linuxsoft.cz/screenshot_img/3824-a.jpg the first line of the text and similars.

  • Gerrit Griebel

    Gerrit Griebel - 2017-08-13

    As there seems to be no voting here: me too. I'd like to edit wiki markup with beloved joe before pasteing it. Now I have to remove unwanted hard line breaks manually. Annoying.

    PS: Used to write texts with Wordstar in the early 80ies. "dynamic word wrap" and probably "visible non-printing chars" + floppy disks are missing to get this feeling back again... :)

  • Sourry

    Sourry - 2017-11-16

    I love joe, the editor! But regularly I need to use a different one - for long line files :-(
    I'd bet that I'm just not aware of the corresponding setting, but since Gerrit recently voted here, I'd like to do the same and emhasize that this is really missing.



  • Rob Centros

    Rob Centros - 2018-03-22

    I would like this feature also. For now you can (mostly) work around it by enabling "flowed" in you configuration file, which "...forces an extra space after each line of a paragraph but the last." Once you've done that, you can use word wrap while inputting text, then do a search for a space/carriage return combination and then replace it with a space. (Search for " \n" replace with " ".) The reason I say it (mostly) works is because, if you go back and edit your text you will sometimes manually add an extra space at the end of the paragraph, which means the Search and Replace function would also replace that cairraige return with just a space. The way I work around that is to do a Search & Replace for ". \n" and replace with ".\n" (Search for a period/space/carriage return combination and replace with a period/carriage return.) You can also search for question marks, exclamation marks, double hyphens (however you end a sentence). The problem is, I don't see how to apply this to sentences that don't end with punctuation (i.e., for programming). I guess you could just step through, but that can be a pain. At least it's a place to start.

    Last edit: Rob Centros 2018-03-22

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