#18 Probabilistic Calling Context


Probabilistic Calling Context (PCC) is an online approach for maintaining a probabilistically unique value that represents the current calling context. PCC is described and evaluated in "Probabilistic Calling Context," OOPSLA 2007.

Included are a patch against Jikes RVM 2.4.6 and a README. Questions, problems, and feedback are welcome.


  • Michael Bond

    Michael Bond - 2007-07-31

    Patch against Jikes 2.4.6 and a README

  • Chris Ryder

    Chris Ryder - 2009-04-07

    Here's an updated version of this patch that will work with Jikes RVM 2.9.2


    Graham Baker ported the PCC patch for Jikes RVM 2.4.6 up to Jikes RVM 2.9.2, and I have added some bug fixes. I don't seem to be able to add that patch as an attachment to this ticket, so maybe Mike can do that?

  • Michael Bond

    Michael Bond - 2009-04-08

    Added patch against Jikes 2.9.2, ported by Graham Baker (Tufts University) with fixes by Chris Ryder (University of Kent). Included is an updated README with the updated author info and a minor note about how building Jikes with the patch might have changed.

    Note about the Jikes 2.4.6 patch: The Jikes 2.9.2 patch is highly recommended over the 2.4.6 patch :) However, if you plan to use the Jikes 2.4.6, please use the --ignore-whitespace option when applying the patch, since the patch was creating using diff's -w option.

  • Michael Bond

    Michael Bond - 2009-06-09

    Patch against Jikes 2.9.2 and an updated README (including a fix, thanks to Dingwen Yuan)


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