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2.2.2 released

Changes from 2.2.2 RC 1 to 2.2.2

- keybindings for clipboard operations (ctrl c, ctrl v, ctrl x) and "select-all" (ctrl a) (me)
- javadoc cleanups for new package structure (me)

Posted by Oliver Henning 2002-08-17

2.2.2 RC1 released

it's been quite for some time, but jEdit syntax highlighting is back again!

I created a basic package structure. Any suggestions or complains? As soon as it has a stable structure, I would like to provide patches against older r versions so that you can include the main version changes in your private version more easily. I would soon like to open a development branch (starting with 2.3.0) for major changes while submitting further bug fix releases for the 2.2 branch if/as needed. It all depends heavily on the feedback/help/patches I get ;-)

Posted by Oliver Henning 2002-08-08

New jEdit Syntax Package maintainer


The jEdit syntax highlighting is now maintained by Oliver Henning (me). I am a Sun certified programmer from Germany. I use the package in a Java-based database navigator for displaying/editing SQL statements.

I would really like to see the package evolve to an even more superb editor component. So feel invited to contribute in any way.

Version number scheme

I will use a version number scheme like Linux: Major.Minor.Revision (Beta|RC)... read more

Posted by Oliver Henning 2002-08-07

New jEdit Syntax Package Maintainer

The jEdit Syntax Package is now being maintained by Tom Bradford (me). I've taken a liking to the package, partly because it's very well written, partly because it's easily embedded, and partly because it's MIT licensed (as opposed to GPL).

Slava and I have agreed that I will take over responsibilities for this package, and my first job in the transition was to establish a separate SourceForge project called jedit-syntax.

Posted by Tom Bradford 2001-08-02