New jEdit Syntax Package maintainer


The jEdit syntax highlighting is now maintained by Oliver Henning (me). I am a Sun certified programmer from Germany. I use the package in a Java-based database navigator for displaying/editing SQL statements.

I would really like to see the package evolve to an even more superb editor component. So feel invited to contribute in any way.

Version number scheme

I will use a version number scheme like Linux: Major.Minor.Revision (Beta|RC)

An even minor number indicates stable versions, an odd minor number indicates developer releases. So there will be a stable and an unstable tree.

RC at the end stands for release candidate.


Ideally, all contributions should be posted to the mailing list, so that others can review and discuss them. If not, there are appropriate sections on the source forge project site (

If you have a small fix, you can post a code snippet. If you have whole new classes, attach the .java files. If you have major changes, please post a patch if possible (generated by the command "diff -uNr <path_orig> <path_new>"). Windows
user should get the diff utils for Windows or a cygwin bash for doing that.

Expect a new 2.2.2 RC 1 version real soon.

Happy hacking,
Oliver Henning

Posted by Oliver Henning 2002-08-07

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