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Jackcess / News: Recent posts

Jackcess 2.1.10 released

Jackcess 2.1.10 Release

  • Add full support for access 2016 databases including the new "Large Number" (aka Bigint) data type
Posted by James Ahlborn 4 days ago

Jackcess 2.1.9 released

Jackcess 2.1.9 Release

  • Handle more advanced query join constructs
  • Fix writing of property maps without any properties
Posted by James Ahlborn 2017-10-10

Jackcess 2.1.8 released

Jackcess 2.1.8 Release

  • Fix parsing of certain internal-use queries (such as those used as the data source for the fields in a form)
  • Add option to specify relationship name, thanks to Gord Thompson
Posted by James Ahlborn 2017-06-26

Jackcess 2.1.7 released

Jackcess 2.1.7 Release

  • Implement support for partial index lookups. Efficient IndexCursor lookups can now be done with multi-column indexes using only some of the columns in the index
  • Cover the GENERIC_JET4 format in unit tests, thanks to Gord Thompson
  • Allow inserting negative auto number fields, thanks to Gord Thompson
  • Add CustomLinkResolver which facilitates loading linked tables from files which are not access databases
Posted by James Ahlborn 2017-05-18

Jackcess 2.1.6 released

Jackcess 2.1.6 Release

  • When opening a database for a format which is read-only, automatically open the channel as read-only (instead of throwing an exception if readOnly is false)
  • Add support for global usage maps which are reference type maps
Posted by James Ahlborn 2016-11-30

Jackcess 2.1.5 released

Jackcess 2.1.5 Release

  • Change multi-value complex columns so that they return all relevant column properties
  • Add some initial support for Table metadata modification. Columns and Indexes can now be added to an existing table (using ColumnBuilder.addToTable and IndexBuilder.addToTable respectively)
  • Add the ability to create Relationships using RelationshipBuilder. With this support finally brings the ability to create foreign key indexes (aka integrity enforcement in Relationships)
Posted by James Ahlborn 2016-10-04

Jackcess 2.1.4 released

Jackcess 2.1.4 Release

  • Fix missing column names in AppendQuery SQL strings.
  • Add Database.getTableMetaData method to enable getting basic info about a Table (by name) without actually loading it.
  • Allow null values in foreign key fields when enforcing referential integrity.
  • Add support for cascade null on delete relationships.
  • Add support for the required flag for an index.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2016-05-19

Jackcess 2.1.3 released

Jackcess 2.1.3 Release

  • Throw a prettier exception when maxing out the row size during row creation
  • Add FileFormat.GENERIC_JET4 in order to support getting the file format for jet4 databases with no AccessVersion property (e.g. those created programmatically using ADOX)
  • Update Add some utility methods (DatabaseBuilder.createDateFormat and DatabaseBuilder.toCompatibleCalendar) for handling Dates in an Access compatible manner
  • New site style!
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-12-04

Jackcess mirror now available on GitHub!

For those who prefer using GitHub, i've created a mirror of the Jackcess project repository on GitHub:

Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-10-07

Jackcess 2.1.2 released

Jackcess 2.1.2 Release

  • Handle reading null calculated values
  • Fix handling of dateTimes before the access epoch
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-06-23

Jackcess 2.1.1 released

Jackcess 2.1.1 Release

  • Load linked table info from system table when reading databases with unsupported sort orders
  • Allow optional direct insert/update of autonumber values. This is disabled by default, but can be selectively enabled per-jvm (using system property), per-database, and per-table
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-05-15

Jackcess 2.1.0 released

Jackcess 2.1.0 Release

  • OpenHMS relicenses to Apache License, 2.0!
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-04-17

Jackcess 2.0.9 released

Jackcess 2.0.9 Release

  • Make ColumnBuilder.setMaxLength do the right thing regardless of column type
  • Handle input String boolean values
  • Added Database.isLinkedTable method to identify if the given Table is linked to the database
  • Added TableIterableBuilder for advanced Table iteration. This allows selectively including different table types when iterating the tables in a Database
  • Lowered the log level for certain warnings related to system tables which do not generally affect jackcess functionality
  • Added contextual information to many errors and warnings
  • Implement support for indexes on BINARY fields
  • Remove useless warning for fixed length columns lengths with longer length. Cleanup some other stuff related to copying existing columns in ColumnBuilder
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-03-21

Jackcess 2.0.8 released

Jackcess 2.0.8 Release

  • Add newer sql type to access type mappings if the jvm supports them.
  • Fix table name quoting for append and make table queries.
  • Don't double quote already quoted identifiers.
  • Better validation of identifier names (disallow invalid characters according to Access naming rules).
Posted by James Ahlborn 2014-12-27

Jackcess 2.0.7 released

Jackcess 2.0.7 Release

  • Unicode compression support was not correct for all possibly compressed characters.
  • Currency columns will now return an accurate scale and precision.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2014-11-23

Jackcess 2.0.6 released

Jackcess 2.0.6 Release

  • IndexCursor can early exit when searching based on indexed values.
  • Fix regression where empty memo values are returned as null.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2014-10-04

Jackcess 2.0.5 released

Jackcess 2.0.5 Release

  • Add Cursor.findRow(RowId) for moving to a specific Table row using only the RowId.
  • Add support for reading and writing calculated column values. Jackcess will not evaluate the actual expressions, but the column values can be written directly. Fixes 105.
  • Add the ability to set properties in DatabaseBuilder, TableBuilder, and ColumnBuilder.
  • Add the ability to create tables with calculated fields.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2014-09-18

Jackcess 2.0.4 released

Jackcess 2.0.4 Release

  • Add ColumnValidator interface which allows column values to be easily manipulated/validated as they are written into the database.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2014-04-06

Jackcess 2.0.3 released

Jackcess 2.0.3 Release

  • Fix NullPointerException in RowImpl.toString() when value is null
Posted by James Ahlborn 2014-01-31

Jackcess 2.0.2 released

Jackcess 2.0.2 Release

  • Rework row add/update so that constraint violations do not leave behind partially written rows.
  • Add ConstraintViolationException to distinguish exceptions due to violating database constraints from other random errors.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-12-01

Jackcess 2.0.1 released

Jackcess 2.0.1 Release

  • Add initial support for creating/parsing ole content.
  • Ignore invalid column usage map definitions.
  • Make reading long value columns more lenient (MEMO/OLE).
  • Add support for modifying PropertyMaps.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-10-14

Jackcess released

Jackcess Release

  • Ignore invalid column usage map definitions.
  • Make reading long value columns more lenient (MEMO/OLE).
Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-10-14

Jackcess 2.0.0 released

Jackcess 2.0.0 Release

Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-08-26

Jackcess released

Jackcess Release

  • Fix reading of Properties with multiple value blocks.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-08-26

Jackcess released

Jackcess Release

  • Remove extra object flags before checking query type.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-08-11