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Java2Script v20100601 Released

Java2Script 2.0 update v20100601 has been released. To download latest released files, please visit

1. Added support of Eclipse 3.6.* Helios, and earlier Eclipse
2. Java2Script sources repository moved to Google Code at
3. Sebastian Gurin joined Java2Script and opened source YUI4Java project ( ), which is based on technologies of Java2Script compiler
4. Added SimpleStore API for local storage
5. Added support of Google Chrome browser
6. Added web mail client demo ( )
7. Improved web instant messenger demo ( )
8. Added early support of JFace ( )
8. Other improvement and bugfixes... read more

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2010-06-01

Java2Script 2.0.0 Released

We are very pleased to announce that Java2Script 2.0.0 release is available now. Please visit for updates.

Comparing to previous 1.0.0 version, 2.0.0 has the following major features:

1. Provide a new "SWT Desktop" for better window management with tray area, task bar and shortcut dashboard.

2. Provide Simple and Compound Pipe APIs to setup Comet connection back to server.... read more

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2008-12-03

Welcome Sebastian Gurin as a Java2Script Developer

Hi all,

Sebastian Gurin joined us in Oct 2008.

Please give him a warm applause.

For comments and discussions, please visit:

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2008-12-03

Java2Script 1.0.0 Released

Here comes Java2Script 1.0.0 final release!

Please visit for more information.

Feature List

Java2Script Core
1. Object oriented JavaScript simulator is introduced
2. JavaScript ClassLoader is built inside
3. Eclipse JDT based Java to JavaScript compiler, support Java 1.4 and Java 5 features, including generic, enums, static imports, enhanced loops
4. Support incremental building for Java projects
5. Support Hotspot JavaScript swapping for debugging
6. Support most classes in java.lang.*, java.utils.* and others packages
7. Support native JavaScript through @j2s* Javadoc in Java sources
8. Support creating Java2Script projects by wizard, including Servlet project
9. Support loading *.js from Firefox Add-on.
10. Support Eclipse 3.1.*, 3.2.* and 3.3.*... read more

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2007-10-10

Java2Script 1.0.0 RC Released

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Eclipse 3.3 supported
2. Replace Java builder with Java2Script builder for Java2Script project
3. Hotspot supports for debugging.
4. Bug fixes.

Java2Script SWT
1. Bug fixes.

Java2Script AJAX
1. Update Simple RPC from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1
2. Bug fixes

Java2Script Example
1. Google Talk's Java2Script copy updated ( ).

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2007-08-29

Instantiations Donating "WindowsBuilder Pro" to Java2Script

Instantiations( ) is giving back to the community by donating its products for use by developers of Open Source projects. For more information, please visit

March 2007, Instantiations Inc. donated its tool "WindowsBuilder Pro" ( ) to Java2Script team for SWT development.... read more

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2007-03-26

Java2Script 1.0.0 M5 Released

The long waited 1.0.0 M5 Release (Once supposed to be 1.0.0 Release Candidate) finally came.

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Use Apache Harmony JRE sources instead.
2. Improved ClassLoader now supports multiple threads loading from multiple
3. Lots of ClassLoader bugs are fixed to make sure *.js or *.css are correctly
loaded or applied.
4. ClassLoader's class loading is notified in a half-transparent messagebar.
5. Library *.js can be loaded from Firefox Add-on.
6. Java2Script inner console's color is now black on white.
7. Java2Script related projects can be created by wizards.
8. Java2Script compiler is refactored a little.
9. More *.js optimized configuration for Apache HTTPD server, including gzip
encoding.... read more

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2007-03-16

Java2Script 1.0.0 M4 Released

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Support org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Dialog#open in compiler level
2. Extension point for external script visitor, see
3. Bug-fix of M3 compiler

Java2Script SWT
1. CoolBar, ToolBar, Menu, ColorDialog, FontDialog, Tree, Table, Combo, and other widgets improvement
2. Support org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Dialog#open in asynchronous mode.... read more

Posted by Josson Smith 2006-11-12

Java2Script 1.0.0 M3 (Dynamic JS Loading & JUnit Support)

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. No more need to enhance Eclipse JDT core jar for Java2Script compiler
2. Full support of Eclipse 3.2.0 besides Eclipse 3.1.*
3. Dynamic JavaScript loading (ClazzLoader)
4. Early Java reflection implementation.

Java2Script SWT
1. Improvement of CTabFolder, Table, Combo, ProgressBar, Scale
2. Support of embedding Shell inside normal HTML page (please visit inline demo of\)
3. Early key navigation support.
4. More LAF themes... read more

Posted by Josson Smith 2006-08-20

Java2Script 1.0.0 M2 Released

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Add Javadoc @j2s* support, which support for native JavaScript
2. Identifiers minimization
3. Fixed bug on compiling private field and methods, nested anonymous class and inner

non-static class, and remove unnecessary final variables
4. Optimize the size of generated *.js
5. Support regular expression method of String
6. Support java.util.ResourceBundle
7. Support editting the converted *.js
8. Support converting *.properties into *.js... read more

Posted by Josson Smith 2006-06-07

Java2Script release 1.0.0 M1 with support of Java 5.0

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Java 5.0 features, includes generic, enums, static imports, enhanced loops, are supported
2. Split a small (less than 8K) Object Oriented JavaScript core libraries (See:\)
3. Optimization on speed of loading J2S application and size of generated JavaScript codes

Java2Script SWT
1. Support resizing of Shell
2. More widgets supported: Slider, Spinner, ToolBar, MessageBox
3. Modal dialog

Posted by Josson Smith 2006-03-17

Java2Script 0.5.0 Released with Java's AJAX

0.5.0 (February 18, 2006)

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Fully implement keyword "final".
2. Support transforming Java codes that use "org.w3c.dom.*" into JavaScript (See more in AJAX part)
3. Implement the arguments when running Java2Script inside Eclipse
4. Support all Eclipse 3.1.* by enhancing the org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.1.*.jar programmly ... read more

Posted by Josson Smith 2006-02-18

Java2Script 0.4.0 Release (with More SWT Widgets Supported)

0.4.0 (February 2th, 2006)

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Make the Java2Script project more configurable by refining the Java2Script Builder page and contributing editor for *.j2s file.
2. Bugs fixed: Java2Script on Linux platform generates JavaScript files incorrectly; Java2Script compiles "char" type incompletely; and others
3. Eclipse 3.1.2 supported besides 3.1.1... read more

Posted by Josson Smith 2006-02-01

Java2Script (J2S) 0.3.0 released

Jan 14, 2006, version 0.3.0 of Java2Script (J2S) released!
Major features:
1. J2S Console for Java2Script application
2. Generating necessary HTML for the Java2Script appliction
3. Provide configuration of Java2Script application

Now, J2S application can be launched directly inside Eclipse besides the browsers. See Tutorial of J2S in Eclipse (1): Hello J2S World (

Posted by Josson Smith 2006-01-13

Java2Script release v0.2.0 for Eclipse 3.0/1

Jan 1, 2006: Version 0.2.0
Updated release for both Eclipse 3.1 and 3.0

Major features:
1. Integrate with JDT's incremental build process
2. Support Eclipse 3.0 besides the 3.1

Posted by Josson Smith 2005-12-31

Java2Script Experiencing Version Released!

Dec 23, 2005: First release(marked as 0.1.0) of Java2Script(J2S) for Eclipse 3.1.1 has been released. It is an experiencing version for advanced developers.

Major features:
1. JavaScript codes can be generated from Java codes
2. Java Object-Oriented inheritance simulated by JavaScript's prototyped inheritance
3. Common classes of java.util.* supported
4. Lots of API classes in org.eclipse.swt.* supported
5. Mozilla/Firefox, IE, Opera compatiable... read more

Posted by Josson Smith 2005-12-22

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