Java2Script 1.0.0 M5 Released

The long waited 1.0.0 M5 Release (Once supposed to be 1.0.0 Release Candidate) finally came.

New and Noteworthy

Java2Script Core
1. Use Apache Harmony JRE sources instead.
2. Improved ClassLoader now supports multiple threads loading from multiple
3. Lots of ClassLoader bugs are fixed to make sure *.js or *.css are correctly
loaded or applied.
4. ClassLoader's class loading is notified in a half-transparent messagebar.
5. Library *.js can be loaded from Firefox Add-on.
6. Java2Script inner console's color is now black on white.
7. Java2Script related projects can be created by wizards.
8. Java2Script compiler is refactored a little.
9. More *.js optimized configuration for Apache HTTPD server, including gzip

Java2Script SWT
1. Window manager is introduced.
2. Shell's maximizing and minimizing are improved.
3. Increasing or decreasing font size in Firefox is supported.
4. Widgets are improved.
5. SWT lazy loading is built inside.

Java2Script AJAX
1. Simple RPC protocol is modified
2. Simple RPC now supports Cross Site Script.

Java2Script Example
1. Java2Script version of Google Talk ( )

Posted by Zhou Renjian 2007-03-16

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