IPPlan v6.00-BETA2, treeview sort order.

  • Christer

    Christer - 2010-06-08


    I have used the stable version for some years and now I was installing the v6 beta and it looks to me as the sort order is somewhat broken in treeview.

    I cant really say how the order is, but it looks like its reversing the order on the third octet of the subnet, but not always.. seems random.
    Anyone else having this problem?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I would like to know a solution to this issue, too. I miss the old sorting function.

  • Michael Hertrick

    I am experiencing this problem as well.  I've checked the treeview.php code, but there's nothing drastically different from the non-v6 version with regards to the sort.  I wonder if this has something to do with the mysql database changes for v6 support.

    I'll be investigating this issue, but I don't have a lot of time to work on it.  If nobody out there knows the answer, perhaps we can put our heads and time together to figure it out.

  • Richard Ellerbrock

    You are correct - the sort order is a side effect of the database change. In the past addresses where store as numbers, now they are stored as quad dotted format. This breaks the sort order and also introduces other performance issues. This can be fixed by changing back to numbers, but use a char database field to preserve the sort order (there is no database numeric field big enough to support an IPv6 number). This will work for ipv6 too. Changing back to numbers will also address some of the performance issues introduced with v6.

    I am trying to convince the developer that did the IPv6 support to fix this, but no luck so far.

  • Michael Hertrick

    See the "bugs" section.  I've attached a patch for treeview.php that fixes the issue.  There may be other ways to do it, but this works for me.  Thanks to Keith Buel of Neovera, Inc. for fixing this.

  • Christer

    Christer - 2010-09-18

    Thankyou, I will try the patch first thing monday morning =)

  • Christer

    Christer - 2010-09-20

    Just applied the patch and it seems to work like a charm, thanks once again.

  • Saraswat

    Saraswat - 2013-02-13

    Thanks mhertrik for the patch. it worked for me in also but only for IPV4.
    Treeview structure is still not proper for IPV6.

    if anyone has solved this case for IPV6, please share the details……


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