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IPplan v6.00-BETA1 released

IPplan v6-BETA1 adds long awaited IPv6 support.

This version only supports a new installation. Data migration to IPplan v6 is currently supported only from an existing IPplan v4.92a installation if using MYSQL as a database.

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2010-04-04

IPplan 4.92a released

Version 4.92a adds compatibility for PHP 5.3

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2009-08-22

IPplan and PHP 6

Note that IPplan is not compatible with PHP 6 (still in Beta). Please do not use appserv 2.6.0 which contains a Beta version of PHP 6.

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2009-03-13

IPplan & Mysql 5

If you intend to upgrade to Mysql 5, first upgrade to the latest version of IPplan before upgrading Mysql. Mysql 5 has some new reserved words that could cause issues with older versions of IPplan.

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2005-11-19

IPplan screenshots

The screenshots have been updated. See


Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2004-07-04

IPPlan API released

The IPPlan API makes it possible to interact with the IPPlan database
using any XML-RPC compliant language to make RPC calls. Very little
programming is required and a large number of languages are supported - see
http://www.xmlrpc.com/ for more info on the XML-RPC specification.

Included with the API are a number of example programs written in PERL
to demonstrate what is possible with the XML-RPC interface to IPPlan.... read more

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2003-01-08

IPplan - looking for translators

IPplan is now multilingual and capable of supporting any language. To make IPplan international, we need translators - no programming required. Please let me know if you are interested - email to richarde at myrealbox.com

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2002-03-12

IPTrack project renamed to IPplan

Note that the project now has a new name! After much though and intense research (all of about an hour :-) it is now called IPplan. If you where monitoring file releases, you will need to click on that option again.

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2001-10-31

IPTrack feedback and ideas

Currently all short term items on the TODO list are complete. There are a number of longer term items still there, but none of them are really pressing at the moment, unless I actually get some encouragement to do some of them from YOU! What I need are ideas for improvement and functionallity required that would be beneficial to many users - I am not looking to implement point solutions with a small audience.... read more

Posted by Richard Ellerbrock 2001-10-24

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