re-purpose telephone number field

  • Kerry Channing

    Kerry Channing - 2011-09-02

    How easy would it be to re-purpose the telephone number field to be a "configuration URL" field. I would like to be able to see it as a link on displaysubnet.php and to be able to edit it on modifyip.php form.

    Would it be easy to do and if so which other files should I change? I can see I would need to increase the size of the database field telno in ipaddr, and modify the two php pages mentioned, but other than that are there any tricky bits to watch out for?

    IPPlan is great on it's own but this feature would allow me to use IPplan to store configuration addresses for each resource, and click them from one page. It just seems to make sense for my needs.


  • Kerry Channing

    Kerry Channing - 2011-09-04

    Here's the patch that's working for me so far (as well as increasing the size of the telno field in mysql):-

    #diff IPplan/user/displaysubnet.php.orig IPplan/user/displaysubnet.php
    <     insert($c,text(my_("Telephone Number")));
    >     insert($c,text(my_("Config URL/MAC")));
    <     if (TELNO) {
    >     if (TELNO and !empty($row)) {
    >         insert($c,block("<a href='"));
    >         insert($c,block("' target='_blank'>config url</a>"));

    #diff IPplan/user/modifyipform.php.orig IPplan/user/modifyipform.php
    < insert($con,textbrbr(my_("Telephone number")));
    > insert($con,textbrbr(my_("Config URL")));
    <                            "size"=>"15",
    <                            "maxlength"=>"15")));
    >                            "size"=>"100",
    >                            "maxlength"=>"400")));


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