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Mayk Backus

I would like to suggest the following.

The distro easygate has a verry usefull option, that i think would perfectly fit ipcop. When you boot, you have the option to enter a service menu. There you can preform disk checks, return to previous profiles (so another request about that), and , restore from factory default (with option with preserved settings).

The easygate does this, by adding an extra partition during install, and copying the iso image to that partition. Also you can save profile backups on that partition.

Having such a service menu option during boot would be great for less technical users (example, our ipcops are spreaded across 20 locations, not all techies there).
When a system becomes unusable , and the disk is not smoked, you can recover with this option.

Any thoughts on this request ?


  • Gilles Espinasse

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    That could be doable but will be not my priority.
    We have too much request and not enought people to realize the job.

    The easiest recovery system is to have a the harddisk in a removable box, so it could be swapped with a spare disk already installed.

  • minus35

    minus35 - 2007-05-29

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    I too was looking for an easy way just to mirror the hard drive. Doing it manually, I found that tools like GHOST or PARTITION magic could do what was asked, ie. mirror, resize etc. but I was always left with a drive that would not boot. Even identical mirror, invariably the physical drive was different and it would fail.

    A reboot and backup option would do it for me. There is already an option to reboot periodically, this may be a good place to add diskcheck & reboot, backup & reboot etc.

  • Curtis Sutter

    Curtis Sutter - 2007-07-20

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    Would something like PING (http://ping.windowsdream.com/) work for your recovery? It is a Ghost-like hard drive imaging program that can be burned to a CD or DVD for auto recovery. Completely free and works for windows as well.

  • Olaf Westrik

    Olaf Westrik - 2013-07-23
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