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RDF Software Introspector / News: Recent posts

svn patch started


I have started a new patch of the svn latest trunk that is much cleaner. The only changes to the gcc code are to make the --wrap functions work(splitting up the tree-dump.c into multiple files and making the data global)
I still have to clean up the that is a bit hacky.

the new itrspct subdir is treated as a language, so that it can be configured properly.

the xml is created out of the wrapper functions semi automatically. the later versions will use th e data extracted to create the wrappers themselves.... read more

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2007-06-04

gcc 4.0 port started in cvs

Work has started on supporting the GCC 4.0 ast dumping. I have started by minimizing the changes to the gcc and moving the introspector code to its own lib. The code can be found under cvs co gcc-4. In addition I am making test drivers to be able to exercise the various components of the gcc interface as needed.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2005-05-24

Update of webpage and source code

The introspector project webpage and project description has been updated to give a better focus on the goal and design of the introspector. An alpha version that can be used without the patcted gcc via the redland rdfproc has been released with instructions on usage. The trackers have been turned off in the sf site. Also, the vcgdotgnu project is making progress.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2004-11-29

Rewrite in progress! High Speed

The entire post processing of the RDF files is being rewritten. There is a alpha version in the file release system and source in the cvs. The new system is ultra fast and flexible.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2004-11-27

Breakthrough in the Introspector project : gtkgui +icecubes

This is a new version of the introspector, a proof of concept,
something you can look at and learn from. A self contained demo program that allows you to graphically explore the structure of a almost any program that you can compile with the gcc!

It features the introspector ice cube.
The ice cube contains a superfast and compressed extract of the semantic data of the program that can be compiled in as a lib and loaded into memory in miliseconds.... read more

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2003-11-15

Introspector Ontology Preview

I have posted the first version of the introspector ontology here

please review

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2003-08-19

New g++ introspector version released, speed improvments.

the new version of the introspector is finally fast enough to use on large projects. it can extract all the needed information out of a c++ program and store it in a redland rdf database in the berkleydb format. this release needs the newest redland to be installed.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2003-06-01

Updated home page has been updated to contain a link to the wiki and new detail project description. It should be possible to understand the concrete goals of the project. To build an rdf application server gateway and gui into the free software gcc toolchain.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2003-05-20

starting on a WIKI

Dear all,
We now have a wiki for the project

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2003-05-08

Alpha 0.4 version source code released

Calling all testers,
calling all interested parties

Come and get the newest release of the introspector source code, it is not for the weak of heart!
you will need to get the cvs versions of gcc and redland to run this.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2003-01-15

Introspectors Blogger updated

On the new entries in the projects blogger

you will find diagrams of the class models of the introspector.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-10-30

Introspector : Debian/MINGW32 port of DIA/Gtk+ underway.

The Introspector project's goal is to create a visualization tool for gnu development tools meta-data including the gcc, the vcg layout tool, the dia diagrammer and DOTGNU cscc/pnet interfaces has started an effort for a source-based port of the GNOME GTK+ and DIA toolkit to windows via the debian GNU/Linux mingw32 cross compiler.

This porting will allow the introspector to run under windows, and for the sources of all the tools be handled by the dpkg package manager that has been already ported to cygwin. ... read more

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-10-30

Discussion on an Introspective API into free software

Introspector Project Specification
I am writing to you all in a call for discussion about the future of free software in the new millennium.
We are approaching the limits of the current understanding of linking
and derived works in an networked and self descriptive systems.
Where does ones creative work start and end is much more easier
I hope that you appreciate my humble proposal.... read more

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-06-30

Respecification underway

The introspector will be specified from stratch in an XML format. This specification will allow transformations to other languages for implementation. I have uploaded a first draft XML spec and DTD.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-06-06

Taken down the Downloads, Rethinking project

You might have noticed that I have taken the downloads offline.
I have begun to rethink the project in terms of protecting the gcc from abuse. Right now I am only distributing the newest gcc source code patchs to trusted users.
If you would like to use the project, please send me an email.


Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-05-22

GPLED the files and added some readmes

The files in CVS have all been boilerplated to be GPL. Readmes have been added as well. Now the generated code will be updated to include a GPL boilerplate in the next release.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-04-09

Important Licence Change

The project will be released exclusivly under the GPL licence.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-04-07

Introspect Beta 0.4 Updated Release, added Missing file

I forgot one small file from the distro and have updated it. The MD5 Checksum is
64ba45c3b1a43859db06c3d09ca717cc introspector_simple.tgz

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-04-06

Release of beta version 0.4

The first binary release of what could be considered a usable version 0.4
of the introspector is available.

I have taken cleaned up the project sourceforge page.

CVS is now in use, please check the cvs for source code.

The patched version of gcc is located in the following release :
"patched gcc/working without database" release.

Here is a link to the raw download of the patched gcc compiler for linux : read more

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-04-06

introspector blogger

The introspector project has a blog!
On you will find relevant information and links for the project. Please check it out.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-02-27

Gcc bootstrap and Postgres interface underway

The GCC compiler 3.0.3 has been bootstrapped with a introspector patch applied.
The tree dumper for C++ and C have been patched for XML output.
The introspector is now writing to a Postgres database and interesting queries are being written. Currently I am looking into the tree.c in detail.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-02-24

Introspector now under CVS

The Introspector project is now under CVS on the SourceForge server. The program is set up now to generate Java classes and is currently under development. Anyone interested in trying it out can do so now.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2001-09-23

INTROSPECTOR to be presented at YAPC::Europe

The work to date and future plans of introspector will be presented at the YAPC::Europe. We will be showing the perl interface to the gcc compiler internal data structures and how we can use them to create object oriented perl on the fly using templates from the compiler.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2001-06-18

introspector : First part of new YAPCE version uploaded

After a year of experimenting I have created a new and easier to use version based on marc mitchells addition of intermediate dump options to the gcc compiler. Included is a binary cc1 for testing under linux

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2001-06-18

GCC Node Introspector Project Announced

The GCC Introspector Project has been launched on sourceforge. Its goal is to move the gnu c compiler into the next generation on an experimental path. It has the hotly-disputed goal of XML dumping of the compilers internals. Much work has been done by me up to now, and I feel that it is time to present the work to date and see if anyone is really interested in this project.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2001-02-07