Introspector : Debian/MINGW32 port of DIA/Gtk+ underway.

The Introspector project's goal is to create a visualization tool for gnu development tools meta-data including the gcc, the vcg layout tool, the dia diagrammer and DOTGNU cscc/pnet interfaces has started an effort for a source-based port of the GNOME GTK+ and DIA toolkit to windows via the debian GNU/Linux mingw32 cross compiler.

This porting will allow the introspector to run under windows, and for the sources of all the tools be handled by the dpkg package manager that has been already ported to cygwin.

Experiments have been done with the compiling of these packages under linux and cygwin via the debian packaging system have been undertaken. Others are invited to join in and help the porting.

Here is a status page of the effort

All who are interesting in helping create a new and free develpoment environment and distribution for the linux and windows world are invited to join the effort.

Porters of new packages to this new way of easily cross compiling are invited to help.

Posted by James Michael DuPont 2002-10-30

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