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IntraLAN / News: Recent posts

Back in production

Im back and playing around with intralan. Expect me to start from scratch. ill probably look at whats already been done and shudder at my crap old work and start again. So yeah. look out for a complete rewrite soon.

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2004-08-06


im thinking of rewriting. theres a few things that need fixing. any interested people please email me

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2004-07-09

Frontend Release

Intralan-win32 is the Intralan FrontEnd


Posted by Daniel Finn 2001-10-09

Windows Frontend

The windows frontend I had been working on is now in cvs...

It currently does User-Check-in and lets you use winamp as the soundserver.

Posted by Daniel Finn 2001-10-09

issues in 0.5teaser2

Theres some issues in 0.5teaser2 in that some scripts will ignore their permission setting.

This is fixed in CVS.
Id like to thank myself for finding this bug and to reward myself yall can send me cds from my wishlist ;)

Ive dropped in the start of resources list.

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-09-27

New Teaser

Ok there you go, have fun with it. Please send bug reports and misc feedback

CDs would be nice

Like ones from my wishlist on amazon

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-09-22

Jukebox Complete

I have just finished converting the jukebox to text templates.

All of the functionality (and more) of the teaser1 and the prior release is now available if you grab intralan from the CVS!

Over the next 2 weeks ill be asking people i know to test intralan and find bugs for me, whilst i add in a few more little features.

If your interested, email me dean -%-
(note that -%- should be @, but since your not a bot you know that)
I second teaser release (with much improved install documentation) will be released when this testing phase is done.... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-09-18

Ohh the anticipation

Ive now automated the staff list, as well as completed more than half of the templated main page. In the process ive optimised the schema alot and found a few bugs here and there.

teaser2 will hit the 'streets' when i finish the main page and the subsequent changes to the jukebox (as it really needs optimising) and will include brief install instructions for unix machines.

0.5 will come shortly after when i get a chance to test the whole thing at our next lan and when i get a chance to write nice unix install instructions as well as writing *windows* install instructions (huray)... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-09-06

cgi directory gone

ive just removed the cgi directory, having merged intranet.cgi, login.cgi, logout.cgi and admin_menu sucessfully. This has made login a lot faster.

Tournaments are pretty much finished, although i do plan to add a few misc. little features in the not too distant future.

Ive also spent this morning changing the workings of messaging so that it should perform better (especially at big events). My plan is to do this throughout the whole system (tournaments will benefit alot from more schema changes) . ... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-09-01

Windows + Updates

Due to alot of people wanting windows 'ports' ill be spending some time on an nt4 box i have at home getting it to run. Not only that, but ill be documenting it and wacking it in the 0.5 release.

I got bored and hacked in a few additions to tournaments. Firstly, you can now force a map onto all matchs in a round (i hope that made sense).
Ive also finished writing the new viewrounds script.

Both of which ive barely tested and probabyl have bugs.... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-08-17

More Work

Ive now all but completed the reworking of the tournament details page.

I few fundamental changes have occcured. That is, more details are now shown. Any team or single player options as the result of registration are now much clearer.

Also 'all' unplayed matches are now listed, completed matches are not shown. In the past all matches for the newest round where shown, regardless of status.

This has required a minor change in schema.... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-08-14

New Webpage

I felt really talented and made IntraLAN a new web page!

check it out at

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-08-03


Ive found the time to do a little work on intralan. I found a few bugs in the new tournaments scripts, and also added more data checks when leaving teams (so you cant leave a team you created)

tournments_details is coming along nicely. I think people will be impressed with the improvements ive made (and made possible).

I plan to go through and clean up the templates before 0.5 hits the streets. ... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-07-19


Sorry people, havent had any time (or motivation) to work on IntraLAN for the last little bit.

If anyone is interested in contributing please do, ill see about syncing your work into CVS.

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-07-01


sorry for the confusion, in my last news item i meant to say 0.5 not 0.4. Anyway!

0.5teaser1 is just a bundled and cleaned version of what is currently in CVS. Im pretty sure everything works just fine ;)

Please play around with it and tell me about any bugs you find (other than uncompleted parts)

Tournaments should be a little clearer now, and all the scripts now check the data very thouroghly.

Note: Install instructions are out of date. You will need to use apache with mod_perl installed. Enable mod perl on the /perl directory but allows execcgi and ssi on everything else as before (teaser not release).... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-05-05

0.4 Nears

0.4 is very near. I will be issueing a prerelease soon.

If you havent been paying attention the system will soon be free of ssi and execcgi, empowered now by mod_perl.

Its faster and with text::templates is heaps easier to customise.

We ran it about a month ago at a 330 person event very successfully off a celeron 400 running linux 2.4. (dist is irrelevant)

Please check out the cvs and start searching out bugs.... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-05-04

0.4 Progress

Today i finished converting schedule to mod_perl with text::templates. The whole system bar login, tournaments and half the main page are now in mod_perl + text::templates

This new system is both faster, and allows you to easily change the look of the whole system with minimal perl knowledge.

We will also be implementing the ability for users to define their own templates.

Tournaments will also be tidied up a little as i move it across as well.... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-03-31


Finny has "ported" the sound daemon to use xmms!
You can now use visualisations and file formats from any supported source!

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-03-12


Ok weve ditched 0.4 as we got a little involved and started rewriting. But 0.4.5 nears. Weve rolled in heaps of new features, such as the recently checked in user function templates and the html output is now generated from a hanfull of template files which will aid in people customising the look for thier lan!

For 0.6 we hope to increase translatability especially.

We are also including a rego module(hopefully) with basic accounting.... read more

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-03-05


0.4pre1 has been released. It will likely have bugs. Please find them so we can fix them and release 0.4!

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-02-02

Further Changes

Ive done more changes, making 0.3.5 even more outdated

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-01-27


Im converting all the layout to look like the main page
Im about half way their, but whats done is in CVS

Ill have to dig into a few scripts but thats not a big deal.
Finny is "looking" at dynamic dns integration, who knows when that will happen *grin*

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2001-01-13

0.4 Delays

0.4 will be delayed untill the new layout is full implemented. The new layout is partially in place (available from cvs) and although giving the system an in consistant look, doesnt compromise the functionality of the code.

Posted by Dean Hamstead 2000-12-26

IntraLAN 0.4 very soon...

Intralan 0.4 will be released very soon...

major change is that of a new main page layout... it actually looks decent now =)

Posted by Daniel Finn 2000-12-16


I have released 0.3.5 to wet your appetite before 0.4

I recommend that everyone updates.


Posted by Dean Hamstead 2000-11-07