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RC4 is live!

Today we released the new release of Intelligere SCS

- Sharing documents now support PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT and all the correspondent Open Office formats
- The control panel has been improved from a user interface point of view and now is able to handle multiple companies, speakers and sessions (each session right now is able to be scheduled with a starting and ending date)
- The conversion routine is based on UNOCONV
- The desktop sharing and the remote desktop control now is in Java and can be used on Win, Mac and Linux
- The streaming server now is RED5 0.9.1 and not anymore the old 0.5 version
- The delay in desktop sharing and / or remote desktop is now between 5 and 8 sec
- The control panel and the web application now support multi language
- The new desktop application based on Java let the user to create sessions on the fly from the desktop without the need to login in the control panel
- The control panel now has a REST interface to create sessions
- The dashboard now supports multiple shapes and new tools... read more

Posted by Giorgio Natili 2011-07-16


We are pleased to announce the new release of the new release of Intelligere SCS, a complete web conference system released open source.

The new features are:

* A control panel in order to handle sessions duration, speakers, user accounts and in order to manage invitation (php adn MySql)
* The Flex to PPT converter now use Open Office so it’s no more needed the Microsoft Office license on the server or the .NET support
* The screen sharing has been improved and debugged (30% faster than before)
* The documentation has been improved (three different manuals in two different languages)
* The file transfer between connected client has been added, it uses the Flash Player 10 new features
* The software is compliant with the Flex 3.4 SDK
* The RED5 synchronization and streaming support has been re-engineered and improved (RED5 RC1 compliant)
* All the major bug have been fixed... read more

Posted by Giorgio Natili 2009-05-13

Installation manual

The installation manual (italian) of Intelligere SCS has been just released and it's available in the download area.
In the next days also the english version of this manual will be released.

Posted by Giorgio Natili 2008-01-06

Intelligere SCS now support MD5

The file added in the download page provides a small update in order to support MD5 encryption in the Intelligere SCS, in the release note you find detailed informations about this update.
If you are not able to find the files that you need you can go directly to the download page of this update

Posted by Giorgio Natili 2007-12-31

Announcing the 3.5 release

The development of the new release of Intelligere SCS is started, in the next release we'll integrate the file transfer peer to peer and we'll refactor all the application changing the packaging, we'll optimize the code, fix som bugs, etc.
Feel free to make your feature request in order to have the chance that it will be included in the next release.

Posted by Giorgio Natili 2007-12-18

[Intelligere 3.1]

Intelligere 3.1 has been released, there are a lot of bug fixes and the User Manual both in italian and in english, in the next few days we'll submit also the "Installation Manual" and then we'll start the development of 3.5 version.
In order to support you we have opened the mailing list dedicated to the development and the one for the whish list for the next release.

Posted by Giorgio Natili 2007-12-12

[Beta 3.0]

During the next week the first pubblic Beta will be released through source forge.

Posted by Giorgio Natili 2007-04-22

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