#2 Patch for ifp-line to work with KDE KIO slave for iFP

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I have developed a KDE KIO slave for iRiver iFP MP3
players, so you can up- and download files to/from your
iFP using KDE's Konqueror. It can be found here:

kio_ifp uses the functions in ifp_routines.c so I
changed the Makefile to create a static library
libifp.a containing ifp_routines.o and unicodehack.o.

I put the code for detecting the iFP USB device out of
ifp.c and into two new functions ifp_find_device() and
ifp_open_device() in ifp_routines.c.

I changed ifp_upload_file() and ifp_download_file() to
optionally not write to or read from a FILE* but pass
the buffer of bytes directly to kio_ifp via a callback
function. The same applies for the
ifp_list_dir_printf() function.

For example the signature of ifp_upload_file() didn't
change, I added a function
ifp_upload_file_with_callback() and both call the
function ifp_upload_file_common() which does all the work.

I tested the patched ifp on the command line
thoroughly and found it as stable as it was before. All
of the operations worked as expected.

It would be nice if you accept the patch and merge it
into the current CVS sources.

Thank you!

Thomas Loeber


  • Geoff Oakham

    Geoff Oakham - 2004-11-04
    • labels: --> new ideas

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