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ifp-line-0.3 released.

ifp-line-0.3 released. This version support for manage non-ASCII filename
with ifp-line compiled with iconv framework(GNU libiconv or NetBSD's native iconv).

* autotooled
* Add iconv(3) support. ifp-line can transfer file with non-ASCII filename.
* Add "version" command. Show ifp-line's version.
* ifp-1XX can download MP3/WMA/ASF to PC! which with firmware version 3.23 and later.... read more

Posted by Yamashiro, Jun 2005-12-11

libifp- released

This is a maintance release of libifp that addresses a number of issues including character locales and portability. The goods are available for download here:

In other news, libifp is now part of debian-stable! (Thanks Joe!)

Posted by Geoff Oakham 2005-08-22

ifp-line- released

I released ifp-line- This is bugfix release.

Changelog from
* Bug fix release.
* Beta version of N10 firmware update support(Not tested with real N10).
* Fix bug with older versions of libusb. [ Patch 1072614 ]
* Fix "ifp get" behavioir with non-exist file. [ ifp-driver-Bugs-1195447 ]

Verry sorry too late bugfix for firmware update bug with N10.

Posted by Yamashiro, Jun 2005-05-08

libifp- released

With the release of, libifp has entered its first "stable" cycle. Libifp is a general-purpose driver for communicating with iRiver's iFP portable music players. Binaries are available for Debian/Sarge, RedHat FC2 and 3, and SUSE 9.x.

More info:

Download source or rpms from: read more

Posted by Geoff Oakham 2005-02-21

libifp graduates to "beta"

libifp version has just been released. All basic features have now been implemented, and it's been getting more stable with each release.. so I've dubbed this release "beta" quality. Libifp includes a port of the ifp-line utility.

Posted by Geoff Oakham 2004-11-18

ifp-line- released

ifp-line-. is a "bug-fix release".
Fixed for behavior of file operation
and "disconnect bug" on Linux.

Posted by Yamashiro, Jun 2004-11-05

Discussion of new libifp library.

On the mailing list, we are currently discussing the proposed API for and implementation of libifp, a general purpose iFP device driver. Comments are suggestions are welcome from everyone.. please review the API, try the sample implementation, and join the fun!

Posted by Geoff Oakham 2004-10-18

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