#1 munch and hunspell v unmunch



You said that unmunch lacks some of the capabilities of
hunspell. What is that status with munch? We may have
to compile larger lexica, and would obviously need
munch for that.

And another question: if unmunch cannot generate all
strings from the lexicon, can hunspell find all
suggestions (since that involves the same procedure)?




  • Németh László

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    Unmunch doesn't handle Unicode in affix rule conditions,
    double suffix splitting and special Hunspell flags (plus
    doesn't generate compounds).

    I think, you can make a poor man's unmunch with the
    following trick:

    [P x D x S x S] | hunspell -l

    [P x D X S x S] is the all prefix x dic x suffix x suffix
    combinations. Use P x D x S, but that will be also too time
    consuming for some dictionaries.

    Sorry for the late answer.

    Best regards,


  • Németh László

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  • Mau Chege

    Mau Chege - 2009-01-09

    Maybe this is not a solution but a follow-up with the same problem

    Does HUNSPELL itself have a way to generate all possible words given the dictionary and the affix files just like UNMUNCH?

    I am using HUNSPELL and my interest is actually the corpus generated itself and not the rules

    And what exactly is the use of of the MUNCH command?


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