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Hunspell 1.2.6 released

2008-07-15: Hunspell 1.2.6 release:
- bug fix release (fix affix rule condition checking of sk_SK dictionary,
iconv support in stemming and morphological analysis of the Hunspell
utility, see also Changelog)

Posted by Németh László 2008-07-15

Hyphen 2.4 released

2008-05-01 Hyphen 2.4 release:
- compound word hyphenation support by recursive pattern matching
based on two hyphenation pattern sets, see README.compound.
Especially useful for languages with arbitrary number of compounds (Danish,
Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish etc.).

- new dictionary parameters (minimal character numbers for hyph. distances):
LEFTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the left end of the word
RIGHTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the right end of the word
COMPOUNDLEFTHYPHENMIN: min. hyph. dist. from the left compound word boundary
COMPOUNDRIGHTHYPHENMIN: min. hyph. dist. from the right comp. word boundary... read more

Posted by Németh László 2008-05-01

Hunspell 1.2.2 released

2008-04-12: Hunspell 1.2.2 release:
- extended dictionary support to use multiple base and
special dictionaries.

- new and improved options of command line hunspell:
-m: morphological analysis or flag debug mode (without affix
rule data it signs the flag of the affix rules)
-s: stemming mode
-D: list available dictionaries and search path
-d: support extra dictionaries by comma separated list. Example:... read more

Posted by Németh László 2008-04-14

Hunspell 1.2 released

2007-11-01: Hunspell 1.2 release:
- new memory efficient condition checking algorithm for affix rules

- new morphological functions:
- stem() for stemming
- analyze() for morphological analysis
- generate() for morphological generation

- new demos:
- analyze: stemming, morphological analysis and generation
- chmorph: morphological conversion of texts

Posted by Németh László 2007-11-01

Hunspell 1.1.12 released

2007-09-05: Hunspell 1.1.12 release:
- dictionary based phonetic suggestion for words with
special or foreign pronounciation or alternative (bad) transliteration
(see Changelog, tests/phone.* and manual).

- improved data structure and memory optimization for dictionaries
with variable count fields

- bug fixes for Unicode encoding dictionaries and ngram suggestions

- improved REP suggestions with space: it works without dictionary
modification... read more

Posted by Németh László 2007-09-05

Hunspell 1.1.11 released

The news of the recent Hunspell versions is the phonetic and keyboard-related suggestion mechanism and the Mozilla integration. This version contains
some portability fixes.

Posted by Németh László 2007-08-27

Hunspell 1.1.9 released

Release notes

- better tokenization:
- for URLs, mail addresses and directory paths (default: skip these tokens)
- for colons in words (for Finnish and Swedish)

- new examples:
- affixation of personal dictionary words
- digits in words

- bug fixes (see ChangeLog)

Posted by Németh László 2007-07-25

Hunspell 1.1.8 released

with several bug fixes

Posted by Németh László 2007-07-16

Hunspell 1.1.7 released

Warning-free version of Hunspell 1.1.6 for build environment

Posted by Németh László 2007-07-06

Hunspell 1.1.6 released

With fixes for some old bugs, like special capitalisation and locale support. Ready for Mozilla integration.

Posted by Németh László 2007-06-29

Hunspell 1.1.5 released

Newest version of Hunspell spell checker with improved Mozilla,, Unicode, German and Arabic language support.

Posted by Németh László 2007-03-19

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