Finn Skovgaard - 2010-08-11

I have no solution. I use a Danish keyboard and tried typing the following in a test.rex program using THE:

say 'æøå ÆØÅ áéíóúý àèìòù äëïöüÿ âêîôû ÁÉÍÓÚÝ ÀÈÌÒÙ ÄËÏÖÜ ÂÊÎÔÛ'

It all comes out fine in the DOS window on XP.

But THE won't let me enter characters using Alt and the numeric keyboard, such as çÇœŒ¡¿¼¾®©µ.

If I then open the file with Notepad, it is all garbled. When I execute it, the characters edited by THE look fine and the characters entered by Notepad are garbled.

If I copy and paste it all from THE into html in Outlook, the characters entered in THE are fine and those entered from Notepad garbled.
If I copy and paste the same lines from Notepad into Outlook, the characters entered in Notepad look fine and those from THE garbled.

It is beyond my knowledge to explain this. It looks codepage related, not keyboard related.