#23 switch "-1" doesn't work on afs


I have installed PDCurses 2.5 and THE-3.1 on Linux
2.4.7-10 (RH 7.2). When I try the command line switch
"-1", I get the following error:

> the-3.1-X11 -1 test
*** Messages from profile file ***
Warning: Unable to run in single instance mode:
Operation not permitted

The problem is that my home directory is in AFS, and
AFS does not support fifo's.

I have solved the problem by slightly modifying the.c.
A new variable is defined (fifo_dir) as
"/tmp/.LOGNAME", LOGNAME being the contents of the
corresponding environment variable (or an empty string
!). The pipe name is "/tmp/.LOGNAME.thefifo", which is
in a local filesystem (unless you have /tmp in AFS !!!).

The differences file is attached.



  • Pablo Garcia-Abia

    differences file (the.c)

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-05-10
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    • summary: switch "-1" doesn't work on afs --> switch "-1" doesn't work on afs
  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-05-10
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  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-05-10

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    I've implemented a different solution. The -1 switch can
    take an optional directory string. So you can start THE as:
    the -1/tmp/logname
    This enables the user to tailor THE to their specific
    environment and it also allows a single user to run
    multiple, single session instances of THE (if anyone would
    want to ;-)

  • Pablo Garcia-Abia

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    That's a nice idea, that of the "optional directory string".
    However, I would still prefer either the default location
    for the fifo was in /tmp or being able to set this default
    somehow. Typing "the -1/tmp/logname" each time seems a bit
    odd to me (would require an alias or script)...

  • Pablo Garcia-Abia

    • status: pending --> open

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