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New Version 1.2.6

This release features bugfixes, updated translations and a new "overwrite logs" preferences option.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2016-03-15

New version 1.2.5

Some important fixes and some new/improved translations are featured.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2014-08-20

New version 1.2.4

A minor release with some little fixes and enhancements:

  • Monospace font in the rsync output box
  • Fix for compiling under newer versions of gcc
  • Log files are now appended (instead of truncated)
  • Added date and time when starting a new rsync run
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation
Posted by Piero Orsoni 2013-07-09

New version 1.2.3

Minor release with these changes: do not allow creation of session names with slashes in them, lintian fixes to man pages and desktop file.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2013-01-17

New version 1.2.2

This version has little changes: I released it in order to distribute the new and updated translations. There is some cleanup here and there as well.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2012-10-22

New version 1.2.1

This version has session sets enabled, so you can test it out. It is marked experimental, because there are many changes, but it may be just ok.
Plus it has Unity support and bugfixes.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2012-01-13

New version 1.2.0

New version 1.2.0 is available.
It should have been the first version with session sets, unfortunately I stumbled upon a lot of bugs and problems and I do not have enough time to look into all of them now.
Thus I'm releasing a version with disabled session sets but with all the other enhancements and fixes which have been added meanwhile.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2011-07-26

New version 1.1.1

This one is mainly a bugfix version. Main changes are: Removed automatic addition of a trailing slash to source and destination directories, updated new functionalities of 1.1.0 for Maemo, added "Rsync command line" menu item + more.
WARNING: the trailing slash modification changes the behavior from "copy contents of source dir" to "copy source dir and its contents", but it affects only source dirs selected from file chooser dialog, not existing sessions.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2010-05-05

New Version 1.1.0

A new version, 1.1.0, can now be downloaded. The main focus is fixing the annoyances found on mac os x and freebsd, while adding some nice functionalities, like status bar icon and "run as superuser". There are also some other small fixes and enhancements.
Since there is a lot of meat (I had to rewrite part of the rsync process controlling code), I decided to skip to 1.1 directly, instead of going for 1.0.1.
Let me know of any anomalies you will find, including behaviors which are different from the previous version.

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2010-03-29

Grsync for Maemo now stable

Grsync has been promoted to stable quality on Maemo 5 and is now installable via the standard procedure.
See for details.
Other news include a fix for FreeBSD and Mac Os X problems... version 1.1 is coming so stay tuned!

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2010-03-16

Grsync Sourceforge project page

As you can see, grsync has got a new home in sourceforge! Meaning you can follow the development in various ways, including the latest development version, accessible via subversion repository (svn).
Happy syncing!

Posted by Piero Orsoni 2010-02-09