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Grisbi for Windows 0.5.9 is available

This version fix bugs found on Grisbi and add the capability to print directly from Grisbi.

Posted by Terrot Francois 2006-09-07

There will be no Grisbi 0.5.8 for Windows

It took a long time to make Grisbi 0.5.8 available for Windows. Installer have been partially rewritten and a lot of bugs have been fixed. In the mean time the Grisbi development team have fixed some bugs present on the version 0.5.8 and a new 0.5.9-pre1 release is availble for tests. (This new version integrates all bugs fixes done for the Grisbi for Windows). So I will not release Grisbi 0.5.8 for Windows, but directly Grisbi 0.5.9 for Windows.<br /><br />PS: If you are interest in participating of testing this new version, Grisbi 0.5.9-pre1 is available for Windows.

Posted by Terrot Francois 2006-07-30

Grisbi 0.5.7 is available

This is mainly a bug-fixing release.

Posted by Terrot Francois 2005-06-17

Critical issue in version 0.5.6 rev a

Unfortunately, the version 0.5.6 rev a of Grisbi for Windows introduce a critical issue.

At the second opening of a .GSB file you will get the message :
"Cannot open file ... : this is not a grisbi file"

The version 0.5.6 rev a for Windows has corrupted the .gsb file. This corrumpted can be fixed. Your data are not lost.

To fix this issue a update is available.

The easier way to fix the .gsb file is to open it with a updated version of grisbi 0.5.6. which will manage to fix the introduced format error.... read more

Posted by Terrot Francois 2005-06-03

Patch for Grisbi 0.5.6 rev a

Due to an error during the install package creation process, a debug version of the osp151.dll has requiring msvc71D.dll has been introduce in the package. So, also the hosts which have a complete installation of Visual 2003 .NET development environment are able to run Grisbi without error.

To fix my mistake, I uploaded a patch which replace the libofx.dll and osp151.dll by a no debug version.
You just have to download the file named grisbi-0.5.6-win32-gcc-050515-patch-050602.exe and to run it to fix the problem on your installed 0.5.6 Grisbi for Windows version.... read more

Posted by Terrot Francois 2005-06-02

Grisbi 0.5.6 rev a is available

This release is mainly a bug fixing correction.
For Windows the base GTK version is now GTK 2.4.14 which may help to fix some issues.
Grisbi is compliant with the GTK2 (at least 2.4.14) shared installation provided by 'The Gimp' or 'Gaim' project team.
Moreover the 'rev a' version fix some last minutes found bugs present in Grisbi 0.5.6

Posted by Terrot Francois 2005-06-01

Grisbi 0.5.5 is available

Grisbi 0.5.5 is a bug fixes release, but it also features a new translation into Brazilian Portuguese from Flavio Henrique Somensi. A new account debug feature has been added (see for details and download)

On the Windows port side, you can now import files in the OFX format (Grisbi for Windows uses libofx 0.7.0 ) and you can use the shared installation of GTK ( you have done for an other GTK application like The Gimp or Gaim (at least 2.4)... read more

Posted by Terrot Francois 2005-01-12

Grisbi 0.5.3 is available

This version is mainly a correction release.<br>
See for more detaills<br>

Posted by Terrot Francois 2004-12-05

Grisbi for Windows 0.5.2 is available

With some days of delay, the version 0.5.2 for Windows is at last available.

It proposes all the modifications provided by the version 0.5.2 of Grisbi(bug
corrections, GNUCASH files import, export accounts operations in CSV files, ...)

In a Windows point of view, this version provides mainly a full support of the
symbolic characters ('', '', ...) in the files and directories names used
(Please be aware that Grisbi for Windows has the Windows limitations for file
naming : no \ / $ ...)... read more

Posted by Terrot Francois 2004-10-26

grisbi 0.4.3 package issue

Warning, today 16 jan 2004 I discover a major issue in installer packages. They propose to install the documentation but the corresponding files are not included, this for the installation process is not complete even if there is not error message.
The corrected package have been uploaded today 16 jan 2004 . They are upload with md5 checksum. Please use only package uyou are able to check the md5 value.

Posted by Terrot Francois 2004-01-16

grisbi 0.4.3

Grisbi 0.4.3 is now available for cygwin in 3 formats : only binaries , full installer and post inst exe.
All are "integrated" (need of a running cygwin environnement)

Posted by Terrot Francois 2004-01-16