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Grisbi for Windows 0.5.2 is available

With some days of delay, the version 0.5.2 for Windows is at last available.

It proposes all the modifications provided by the version 0.5.2 of Grisbi(bug
corrections, GNUCASH files import, export accounts operations in CSV files, ...)

In a Windows point of view, this version provides mainly a full support of the
symbolic characters ('', '', ...) in the files and directories names used
(Please be aware that Grisbi for Windows has the Windows limitations for file
naming : no \ / $ ...)

For the installation, this version is provided in two formats:
- first provides a complete package to be use for a new installation
- second one, provides a update package for version 0.5.1 which contains only
the needed files to go from a version 0.5.1 to a 0.5.2.

(The zip file of the version 0.5.2 contains only the files for the update)

For more information and download : (in French only for the moment - sorry)

Posted by Terrot Francois 2004-10-26

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