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Greenstone2.82 Released

We are pleased to announce that the Greenstone 2.82 distributions are now available for download from
our sourceforge page or via

If you have been using 2.82rc, please download and install 2.82 instead. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the 2.82rc release and tried it out.

2.82 Release Notes:
This is the proper 2.82 release which replaces the 2.82rc release.... read more

Posted by Oran Fry 2009-06-17

Greenstone 2.81 released

The final version of Greenstone 2.81 has been released. This follows two release candidates, 2.81rc and 2.81rc2.

This release contains many substantial improvements over 2.80. Some of the major changes include:
* moving to an open source installer package
* improved multilingual support
* GDBM (all platforms), ImageMagick (all platforms, includes JPEG2000 support), Ghostscript (Windows and Mac) bundled in binary releases
* SQLite option for colleciton metadata database
* Dynamic (on the fly) classfiers
* Extensive library and plugin source code reorganistion
* Fedora Librarian Interface (analogous to GLI, but working with a Fedora repository).... read more

Posted by Katherine Don 2008-12-21

Greenstone nightly releases available.

Snapshot releases are now automatically generated for Greenstone every night. The latest source code is checked out, compiled, and bundled into binary distributions. They can be downloaded from

Posted by Katherine Don 2008-12-21

Greenstone 2.80 released

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and Source distributions of Greenstone v2.80 are now available for download from our sourceforge page:

or from our download page

This is a stable release, and contains language updates to various components.

As always, please report any problems or bugs to the mailing list.... read more

Posted by Oran Fry 2007-12-20

Greenstone 2.74 released

This is a stable release. It has been tested extensively. It contains mainly bug fixes and no new features. See the release notes for more information.

Posted by Oran Fry 2007-08-01

Greenstone 2.73 released

An unstable release with a few new features and bug fixes; see the release notes for more information.

Posted by Quan Qiu 2007-06-15

Greenstone 2.72 released

A "stable" release with a few new features and bug fixes; see the release notes for more information.

Posted by Quan Qiu 2006-12-13

Greenstone 2.71 released

A "feature" release with heaps of new features and bug fixes; see the release notes for more information.

Posted by Katherine Don 2006-10-11

Greenstone 2.70w released

A bug fix version of 2.70, see release notes for details.

Posted by Katherine Don 2006-06-02

Greenstone 2.70 released

A stable release corresponding to the upcoming UNESCO Greenstone 2.70 CD-ROM. See release notes for details.

Posted by Katherine Don 2006-04-04

Greenstone 2.63 released

An "unstable" release with lots of new features and bug fixes; see the release notes for more information.

Posted by Michael Dewsnip 2006-02-03

Greenstone Language Pack 2.62 released

This package contains all the language interfaces available for the
Greenstone digital library software (version 2.62 only). It includes
the four "core" languages included in all distributions of Greenstone
(English, French, Spanish, Russian) and interfaces for thirty-four
other languages (Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified),
Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, Galician,
Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,
Kannada, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Latvian, Maori, Mongolian, Polish,
Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Serbian, Thai, Turkish,
Ukrainian, Vietnamese).... read more

Posted by Michael Dewsnip 2005-12-01

Greenstone 2.62 released

This is a stable release -- it does not contain much new functionality over v2.61, but
does contain many bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Important changes in this release include, in no particular order:

- PS and PPT files can now be converted to images for use with PagedImgPlug
- Faster file copying in the GLI, especially with Java 1.5
- The GLI will now restart the Local Library if it has stopped running (Windows)
- A new version of, by Jens Wille
- A new plugin for processing Real Media files, by Xin Gao
- More fixes for searching with Lucene
- An estimate of the total data size when writing a CD/DVD image from the GLI
- A "-no_metadata_formatting" option for classifiers, to turn off "helpful" sorting
- A fix to a nasty GLI bug where all the metadata in a folder could be lost (rarely)
- ...and many many other improvements and bug fixes

Posted by Michael Dewsnip 2005-12-01

Greenstone 2.40a released

New Windows/Linux/Source distributions: Greenstone v2.40a

The purpose of this release is to improve the integration of the Librarian Interface tool into Greenstone (not to fix bugs in v2.40). The Librarian Interface now comes as standard in all distributions (uncompiled in the source distribution, compiled in all the others). It is installed in a subdirectory of GSDLHOME called "gli".... read more

Posted by Michael Dewsnip 2003-08-05

Export collection function

The "export collection" function (from the collector interface) is disabled on all the downloadable versions of Greenstone. We did this to minimize the size of the downloads which were already quite large.

To get this function working you need to download and extract the zip archive into the gsdl/bin/windows directory of an existing Greenstone installation.

Posted by Stefan Boddie 2001-07-03

gsdl 2.35 and WORDPlug

for the win32 binary distribution ONLY, there is a missing config file (for the 3rd-party wvWare) for the Word to HTML plugin. If you downloaded the win32 binary distribution and wish to use WORDPlug, the easiest way to fix this is:
1) Create a directory under GSDLHOME called
2) Create a subdirectory under that called "wv"
3) Copy the file into this subdirectory (<GSDLHOME>\packages\wv).... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-05-28

gsdl-2.35 is here

Many changes including bug fixes so that collections of PDF and MSWord docs may be built successfully on Windows, improvements to the collector interface and improved portability of the source code.

See gsdl-2.35-ChangeLog.txt for further details.

Posted by Stefan Boddie 2001-05-17

Greenstone 2.31 is here

New version contains much improved support for building multiple-language collections and using non-latin character sets. Also now supports building collections from msword and pdf files under both windows and unix. Many other bug fixes
and improvements.

Posted by Stefan Boddie 2001-02-28

Greenstone 2.30 is here

Many improvements including bug fixes in the collector, improved installation procedure on windows etc. etc. See the change log for details.

Posted by Stefan Boddie 2000-12-25

Greenstone 2.27 is here

Two big improvements: "The Collector" now works in Windows 95/98 and is more stable on other platforms, and the "Phind" phrase browsing interface is now a Greenstone classifier. Various smaller improvements: document display modes, Z39.50 efficiencies, new metadata extraction, and enhancements to the install and make scripts. And many bug fixes.

Posted by Gordon Paynter 2000-11-06

Update to Windows binary release 2.26a

Stefan has updated version 2.26 of the Windows binary release with a bug fix to the install script of the "local library" program.

The program itself is unchanged, so if you don't use the Windows "local library" version or if you have installed it successfully, you don't need to worry about this.

The new file is on the downloads page as gsdl-2.26a-win32.exe.

Posted by Gordon Paynter 2000-10-12

Compiling source with gcc 2.95

John ( has resolved a couple of problems people have noticed when compiling the Greenstone 2.26 source with gcc 2.95 (we use egcs 2.91 and have no problems).

1) in $GSDL/src/phind/generate/Makefile(.in), the command to build
"suffix" should read:

$(CC) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(CCFLAGS) -o suffix $(OBJECTS) suffix.cpp

(the $LIBS flags are now at the end of the command.)... read more

Posted by Gordon Paynter 2000-10-11

Greenstone 2.26 is here

Greenstone 2.26, the monthly release for October 2000, is now available from sourceforge. It was a bit late this month.

A slightly revised manual is also available.

Posted by Gordon Paynter 2000-10-09

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