Greenstone 2.81 released

The final version of Greenstone 2.81 has been released. This follows two release candidates, 2.81rc and 2.81rc2.

This release contains many substantial improvements over 2.80. Some of the major changes include:
* moving to an open source installer package
* improved multilingual support
* GDBM (all platforms), ImageMagick (all platforms, includes JPEG2000 support), Ghostscript (Windows and Mac) bundled in binary releases
* SQLite option for colleciton metadata database
* Dynamic (on the fly) classfiers
* Extensive library and plugin source code reorganistion
* Fedora Librarian Interface (analogous to GLI, but working with a Fedora repository).

Please see the release notes for more information (

Posted by Katherine Don 2008-12-21

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