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CVS repositery updated


First bit of good news for the GNUpoc project is the update of the
CVS repositery, the organisation has been cmpletely reviewed and the
directory has been fully updated.
It is now organised by SDK:

- 9210
- er5
- scripts
- Docs

at cvsroot/gnupoc level i.e :

if you want to check out the 9210 SDK, issue the following command from
your Linux box: (in the following lines the '$' represents your shell
prompt, when there is no $ it denotes a response from your shell... read more

Posted by Patrick Regnouf 2001-08-05

Documentation submited

If you go to the Doc sectionof the project you will see that the readme.txt is now available online ;-)



Posted by Patrick Regnouf 2001-07-21

Web site has been updated

Including corrections suggested by pagojo ;-)
and more to come


Posted by Patrick Regnouf 2001-05-21

Symbian Devnet Membership updated

We now have a gold membership ...

Posted by Patrick Regnouf 2001-05-08