CVS repositery updated


First bit of good news for the GNUpoc project is the update of the
CVS repositery, the organisation has been cmpletely reviewed and the
directory has been fully updated.
It is now organised by SDK:

- 9210
- er5
- scripts
- Docs

at cvsroot/gnupoc level i.e :

if you want to check out the 9210 SDK, issue the following command from
your Linux box: (in the following lines the '$' represents your shell
prompt, when there is no $ it denotes a response from your shell

$export CVS_RSH=ssh
$cvs -z4 co 9210
cvs server: Updating 9210
U 9210/exclude_list
U 9210/
U 9210/gnupoc.9210.patch.004
U 9210/history.txt
U 9210/howto_build_gcc_er6.txt
U 9210/install.txt
U 9210/makefile
U 9210/readme.txt
U 9210/tools_list.txt
U 9210/

and there you go, you can get any of the development directories just by
replacing 9210 by :

- er5 EPOC Release SDK patch
- Docs Some important documents and HOWTO
- scripts Some scripts that will be very useful if you decide to
download and install more than one SDK/ GNUpoc patchand which will allow
you to go fromn one to the other just by changing a few things on your
system ...

Please do not hesitate to feed this mailing list with your remarks,
comments and ideas for improvement ...


Project Manager for gnupoc

Posted by Patrick Regnouf 2001-08-05

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