#104 Puzzling results under Windows 7


I am running gnuplot 4.4.2 under Windows 7 home premium. So far I unpacked the gnuplot directory to C:\Program Files\gnuplot an manually changed all the "access forbidden" clickboxes in the properties dialoge for all the *.exe and *.dll files in the gnuplot\binary directory. In addition I set an environment variable GNUPLOT_LIB with the value C:\Program Files\gnuplot\binary. In using the program I ran into the following problems:
1. The terminal wxt does not work. The program draws a frame for a window an then gets stuck. I has to be killed manually.
2. I can use the windows terminal and do get plots but the set size ratio -1 option for drawing equal grid spacings on both axes does not work.
3. The terminal pdf does not work. The program gets stuck and has to be killed manually as above.
4. The terminal emf works and the set size ratio -1 produces the desired result but I can't change some line colors.
I did not encounter any of these problems under Windows XP with an older version of gnuplot (probably 4.2.4).


  • Bastian Märkisch

    The points 1) and 3) are really a duplicate of 3099917. See comment there.

  • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

    Regarding issue 2), what do you mean by "does not work"? It seems to work just fine here, on the same platform you use.

    It might have been a lot more helpful if you had reported your issues separately, and at made some effort to find out what actually brought the change: the move from XP to W7, or from 4.2.4 to 4.4.2.

    Oh, and don't use GNUPLOT_LIB like that. That environment variable is supposed to point at data files, not the gnuplot binary directory.

  • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

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